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Pirates and Parrots

Posted by lanktank on November 21, 2008

It’s the end of a very long Friday, C-Dawg and I have reached new levels of crapness…

LT: C-Dawg! Nearly weekend!!

fuck ya

C-Dawg: fuck yeah or fuck ya? Coz they’re not the same thing

LT: yes sorry fingers went a little fast there…hit the enter too soon

C-Dawg: lol

LT: they’re close though, I mean, I meant yeah…but thinking about it now, what’s wrong with ya?

C-Dawg: In some countries yes

LT: well, in this country C-Dawg. I’m talking to u. This isn’t a public announcement; I’m not addressing the United Nations

C-Dawg: they busy chasing pirates anyway

i was just saying, with all this pirate stuff

LT: yes

C-Dawg: I haven’t seen any parrots or eye patches

these pirates really shld be kicking it more old school

at least the leader shld set an example

LT: yes…certainly not the same pirates we see in Pirates of the Caribbean

C-Dawg: well, it’s a damn shame if u ask me

LT: it’s hard to find those hats these days

C-Dawg: yeah, i guess so

parrots r still widely available though

LT: yes, African Greys are as common as your standard goldfish (I have no idea)

My gran used to have one named Bruce

he swore a lot and had the sound the phone made when it rang down to a fine art so you’d go pick up the phone and then hear coming from the cage “hehehe… fuck you”

C-Dawg: i had a cousin called bruce; he did pretty much the same thing

we also kept him in a cage

parrots seem too vicious, i don’t like the idea of a pet taking my finger off

LT: we eventually gave him to the world of birds

C-Dawg: i never see parrots eating crackers, with or without cheese

LT: well then C-Dawg, you have never lived

C-Dawg: indeed, sometimes I feel that way

i’m spent, my week is officially over. Well, technically it ended somewhere this morning

LT: ya, I’m done. Keep the peace

C-Dawg: Until next week.

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