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Personal Space: I need it

Posted by lanktank on November 26, 2008

Why do some people insist on standing so close to me when I’m in a queue? I’m already aggravated being there, now I have to have someone breathing down my neck as well, literally? All I want to say is, “Back it up buddy. There’s no need to invade the P.S. (Personal Space). We’re all entitled to some. Now could you reverse a step and get out of my face?”

Except I don’t say that because I’m too polite or pathetic; you take your pick. Instead I find myself shifting and leaning as forward as I can possibly go without invading the person in front of me’s P.S. but this makes no difference. They just edge their way closer and closer towards me, practically rubbing their chest against my shoulder blade. I can literally smell their deodorant and then they sneeze and I want to vomit. WHY? Why do you want to be so close to a stranger? You think taking this 7mm step is going to get you any quicker to the queue? Because I assure you, it isn’t.

Although, on a side bar, when people in the traffic don’t go forward when a tiny gap has been made in front of them, it drives me mofo mental. I’m not sure why because the same logic applies; whether or not that car shifts two metres forward or not, I’m not going to get home any faster. But I don’t know, the rules are reversed when it comes to traffic.

Driving up someone’s arse when there’s no traffic is most unnecessary, however, if you’re in the fast lane and are driving at snail’s pace, then get ready for some anal driving. Although, reasonable time should be given for that person to move into the left or middle lane before driving like an A-hole around them.

Hey, I don’t make up the rules, I just live by them.

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