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Favourite things of 2008 #101

Posted by lanktank on December 1, 2008

It’s been an interesting, jam-packed, memorable year (has it?) so I thought I’d dedicate the last month of it to all my favourite things that occurred, or which I feel have been noteworthy, during the course of 2008.

1. The Good Guy:

The Good Guy

Ingenious of Steers; they came out with the R19.95 combo deal of basic burger and chips and we all came running. R19.95 – I mean it’s less than 2 beers and absolutely the ideal 03:00am munchies meal. And oh how I love 24hr Steers locations.

The Claremont Main Road branch is springing to mind and isn’t it an absolute circus. I don’t necessarily mean this in a negative light; I rather enjoy rolling up there at four in the morning and interacting with the inebriated crazies that are the Steers patrons.

I’ve had some serious DMC’s in that place, two propositions from strangers claiming they’ll pay for my combo if I decide go home with them (apparently I look like I can be bought for R19.95… and a Fanta) and the time the entire queue sang “Low” by Flo Rida was a truly momentous occasion.

Steers –bringing the people together! I do often wonder what the employees of Steers must be thinking at that time of the morning but then I start feeling queasy and uneasy, so I go back to the good times and Flo Rida memories… “Apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrrrrrr…”

2. The Dark Knight:


I waited and I waited and when it finally came there was always the fear that it was never going to live up to the completely unnecessary hype that was built up in my head.

On the day I went to view it, the D-Meister and I got to Canal Walk two hours early just to make sure we DEFINITELY got tickets. About 14 minutes before it was supposed to start we walked into the cinema, along with everyone else, to an already screening Batman. I panicked. How could this be? I can’t sit down and watch this, even if it is only 1/20th of the way into the movie. I want trailers, I want to be told to switch off my cell phone and I want to already be seated before they dim the lights (that’s the most exciting bit!).

I walked out, looked for the ticket person and queried the reason for the early screening. They pointed me to another person, who guided me to another, who sent me back to the ticket counter. OK, so we’ve wasted even more time now. I explained the dilemma and asked him why the movie had started earlier than indicated on the ticket. He looked at the ticket (12h30), then looked at the clock (12h35) and pointed out that it was already five minutes past the ticket time. As I started tearing my hair out and hyperventilating I managed to come back with, “That’s because I’ve been speaking to you for 10 minutes about the fact the movie has already started! Already! Not right now, but before….be…fffore.” At this point the D-Meister intervened and I think between his rationalising and the look of murder on my face, the ticket guy got us in at the second screening which was 20 minutes later.

The seats were shite but the movie was sick-ass, awesomeness and totally worth it. It completely exceeded the hype and after the hoops I jumped to get to it…Thank God!

That was my favourite things in 2008 #101… stay tuned for #102

2 Responses to “Favourite things of 2008 #101”

  1. Evert said

    What about Bakgat???????

  2. Evert said

    Val is here!

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