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Ninja Training

Posted by lanktank on December 2, 2008

So C-Dawg and I are G-talking and he mentions this link I emailed him, which was emailed to me by Luwie which was emailed to him by Random friend which was emailed to him by… (You get the point)


C-Dawg:  oh man, these dickipedia pages r a riot

LT:  I know, they’re terrific

C-Dawg:  so much to read

good thing i have no work ethic


LT:  haha, i know, T-Bird just emailed me and said: “don’t u ever work?”

I was almost offended

C-Dawg:  damn str8, u work hard to get all those emails out to all ur friends

that blog doesn’t write itself

LT:  yeah, you’re right C-Dawg…. who else is going to keep the masses (and my masses I mean my 5 friends) entertained?

C-Dawg:  lol

LT: oh your status is pretty decent today


[His status on G-Mail was: “I’M TRAINING TO BE A NINJA” which is a step up from some of the “gems” he usually has]


C-Dawg:  oh, yeah

i’m totally in training

i wanna sneak up on ppl

then give them a fright or just surprise them

coz i can

LT:  oh God, you’ve reached new levels of stalkerdom

C-Dawg:  i was never a stalker

LT:  “sure”

C-Dawg:  u’re being very complimentary about my statuses of late

u’re not getting a Entourage season 4; if that’s ur angle

LT: I only liked the last 2, let’s not get carried away….please can I have it…

C-Dawg: Ha!

LT: I gotta go, I actually do have work to do

C-Dawg: laters


But for those of you who don’t; go check this site out… definitely worth a look:

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