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Favourite Things of 2008 #102

Posted by lanktank on December 3, 2008

OK, and I’m back…hhmmm, now what other coolio things happened this year?

Oh! And before I forget, this isn’t in chronological order… The Steers Good Guy is not the number 1 favourite thing of 2008, it’s just what I started with. I apologise to anyone who was offended by this (Thrash) although I doubt anybody else was.

So…. moving along, coming in at number 3 (but NOT 3rd best) is…

3. Francois Steyn got HOT!

francois steyn

Did anyone else notice? Seriously, this dude has some serious sex appeal oozing from him of late. Besides his mad skills on the rugby field, his hotness has increased rather considerably. I mean, last year in the Rugby World Cup; his technique was memorable, his face… not so much. Now, in 2008, I couldn’t give a carrot if he tripped over his own shoelaces during a game, just don’t hurt the face!

Yum! Seriously, yum! I mean, he’s not completely without fault… The hair… it’s… a lot, but nothing I’m not prepared to work with.

Another thing I’ve noticed about our little South African fullback, centre, fly half (or wherever else they want to play him) is that he shares a striking resemblance with one of the characters from my favourite teen series of ALL TIME, which brings me to point number 4…

4. Roswell came back to S.A.


Although being off the air for many years now, the Series channel decided to run the third season of Roswell at the beginning of this year and oh how I rejoiced. This was, for me, the coolest and most underrated teen series ever produced.

How could you not like it? It was like X-Files meets Dawson’s Creek except with better humour, better soundtracks, better looking actors and lesser incest.

I freaking loved this show. I mean, it kind of fell apart when they killed off Alex, the Colin Hanks character and Isabel got married, but they upped their game towards the end, brought it back and I have respect for that. Some people say Katherine Heigl’s big break was playing Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy; uuhhh, hello? She had three seasons of Roswell! Just because she won an “Emmy…”

The banter, the chemistry and camaraderie between characters was just too good and it made the idea of living in a small town next to the desert in the middle of nowhere, super rad. Sure, the fact that these “16” year old high school kids could outsmart FBI agents and that they never seemed to have a curfew, may have seemed a little far-fetched but come on, they had supernatural powers!

Anyways, I hadn’t seen all the episodes of the 3rd season, so getting to stroll down memory lane as I watched them all over again, was totally one of my favourite things of 2008! (Call me sad, I don’t give flying fucknut!)

Oh! And don’t you think Francois Steyn looks like Michael (Brendan Fehr) from Roswell?

I entirely do… and Baino agrees!


On a sidebar: Don’t you think Brendan Fehr (which I guess inadvertently means Francois Steyn as well) also looks like David Duchovny? Speaking of which, Californication is another coolio foolio show I started watching this year… totally sick.


2 Responses to “Favourite Things of 2008 #102”

  1. Evert said

    Jeez, but Francois Steyn had a k@k game last night for the Barbarians.
    What about Bakgat???!!!

  2. Luway said

    Man, Steyn was awful last night… you know the man only thinks about one thing ever… rugby.

    He literally breathes, eats and sleeps it. Well, not literally because, well, how would you do that, but you get my point. Surely he loses points for that.

    Let’s just say he’s no George Clooney… yummy!!

    Ok, this is getting awkward…

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