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Apples and things

Posted by lanktank on December 4, 2008

What is up?

I don’t have too much to say today, so I thought I would give you a couple of links to help kill the boredom, pass the time or who knows, maybe even interest you in the slightest.

Before I give you the links, I have a question? What are your thoughts on Granny Smith apples? The BOMB right? Apparently there are 7500 different types of apples. Firstly, that sounds excessive but OK, and secondly I haven’t tried all 7500 but as far as I’m concerned, Granny Smiths kick any other apple’s ass.

I mean Red Delicious and Honey Crisp? Seriously? And don’t even get me started on Golden Delicious! I may as well be eating flour (which I have done and did not enjoy).

And to my dismay I found out that South Africa is not on the top ten apple producers of the world list. I thought we were awesome at the apple growing? Am I wrong? (I’m open to this possibility)

Anyway, I said I wasn’t here to talk so check the linkies:

I’m allergic to cats but seriously; why would you not want to visit this site and feel this happy every day?

100 Greatest Movie Characters – pretty cool to read… or you can do what I did and just skip to the final 10.

The wrong way to pick up chicks… this is funny

2 Responses to “Apples and things”

  1. evert said

    You ate flour??

  2. Luway said

    Gotta disagree… Each apple has its occasion. I for one enjoy a quality starking apple… nothing compares. Of course you need a good sweet one, not a mushy one.

    Granny-smiths are good for fruit salads and good for variation. Nothing like a good sour one. And then of course golden delicious… more like golden undelicious (see what I did there… I know, genius). Gotta agree, bottom of the range but again, it has it’s occasion.

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