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It’s a new day and a new theme

Posted by lanktank on December 5, 2008

Good morning!

What is so good about it I hear you ask? Well, the sun is out, it’s a balmy 27 degrees here in the “mutha” city and oohh yes, how could I forget… it’s a Friday! WOOOOHOOOOOO

Among all of this, I suppose you’ve noticed The Lank Tank’s new theme. What are your thoughts? I hope satisfactory. It wasn’t so much that I wanted the change but rather that I needed to change it.

I was out last night having a drink with the Girl Next Door, and she informed me that The Lank Tank wasn’t displaying correctly in Internet Explorer. I asked her how long has this been going on and she replied, “Since the first entry!” Thanks for the heads up.

I’m not sure I’ve introduced Girl Next Door yet. For many years, roughly 21, Girl Next Door and I lived next door to each other. We’ve shared some good times… and bad but oh how we’ve laughed.

A couple memories that spring to mind: The time we wanted to make some extra cash so we decided to pick the flowers from Mrs H’s house, only to sell the them back to her.

The time I thought Girl Next Door was away, thought I heard someone breaking into their house, decided to call the police, only to have them bash the door down and find Girl Next Door and 6 friends under age drinking. In my defense, the one guy at the party did look like a pyschopath.

And who could forget the time she ran over my cat… I certainly can’t. But she did come round with chocolate cake before breaking the news. Although I did get a blow by blow account of how poor Buffy looked after her imminent death. I’m quoting here, “Jesus LT, you should have seen it; it’s eye was popping out of it’s skull!”

I lost my appetite for the cake…

Anyways, hence the new theme… let’s hope this one works out! I hope you like.

Weekend…weekend…it’s nearly the weeeekendddddd!!!


5 Responses to “It’s a new day and a new theme”

  1. evert said

    I call BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why would only 1 eye pop out and not both??

  2. georgie said

    because only half the head was run over. very tragic.

  3. evert said

    Tragic for you, but funny for me. Dogs always chase after tyres, this cat got one.
    Wonder whats the last thing that went through its mind??
    Did the ‘good’ eye see what happened to the other one?

  4. georgie said

    not tragic for me, tragic for LT, although i’m the one who actually saw it. sore it.
    evert who are u?

  5. evert said

    You can’t handle the truth.

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