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Day of Reconciliation at the Beach

Posted by lanktank on December 17, 2008

As we all know or should know, yesterday was the Day of Reconciliation. A day to reconcile, reunite, merge and bring together! (Yes, I just said words that all meant the same thing). Which was quite fitting actually as a friend of mine just got back from the UK so we were all going to “come together” and do something fun.

After we couldn’t think of anything, we decided to go to the beach… Camps Bay beach to be exact. I’m just kidding, I love the beach. The only thing better than being on the beach, is being on the beach, drinking. Or maybe it’s just drinking… I can’t decide.

As it was a super hot day, we arrived to a very busy, people filled seashore. The reason for this seemed to be, besides the very warm weather, that there was an Idols promotion going on the one side.

Basically it was a big stage with Idols posters everywhere and giant speakers on either side. From what I could gather, one could go up, select a song and sing karaoke in front of the whole of Camps Bay. Girl Next Door explained to me that Idols auditions were the next day and this was to encourage people to try out.

Now you can imagine the type of people going up to sing. I mean, it’s 1 ‘o clock in the afternoon, so for most of the contestants, no alcohol is involved and it’s those type of people who you know think they totally rock the house but in actual fact suck the dick. And this is all good and well, I would expect no less from this type of situation but it was the presenter that completely cracked me up…

He started off overly excited and loved absolutely everyone who sang no matter how bad you were. Please believe me when I say the people were cringe-worthy horrendous but it didn’t seem to matter. After every song, he would praise the person as if they were the next Beyonce. But as the day transpired, he slowly but surely began to lose his mind. Someone would come on to sing, be utterly appalling (just like all the previous ones) and the presenter would instantly stop the music and kick them off. At one point he started shouting to a “singer” over the microphone, “You didn’t even know the words, what are you thinking? Get off!”

Then after the 12th time Umbrella by Rihanna was chosen, he snapped at the audience, stating, “We have over 4000 songs to select why oh why are you people selecting the same 5 songs over and over and over again!!!” But this didn’t seem to help, people were still shite and still picking the same songs. So he began to resort to public humiliation (I thought that’s what they were doing anyway); One guy began singing ‘What I’ve done” by Linkin Park; by the first chorus the music had stopped and the Presenter asked the crowd to declare him the worst singer in the world. They all cheered and the guy had to shamefully get off the stage.

The whole event was just bazaar and bad, bad, bad. We eventually succumbed to the cocktails, left the beach and headed to a bar. Despite this, all in all the day was fun. Although I burnt my ankles so am currently in copious amounts of pain…. Got to put sunscreen everywhere people! I now have the worst ankle bracelet tan ever… how totally like embarrassing, like yuk!

I hope none of those people audition for Idols today, of fear that they actually make it to the next round. Why would you want to enter Idols anyway? As far as I can determine, winning Idols seems to be the kiss of death for anyone wanting a singing career? I guess the key is coming in the top 10 but not actually winning. But this conversation is for another time.

Thank you for reading this debatably not very interesting entry. Hang in there, I’ll get better tomorrow! Well, one can only hope.

One Response to “Day of Reconciliation at the Beach”

  1. Hayley said

    he he he dont feel bad LT, baino has sunburnt shins??

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