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Happy 2009

Posted by lanktank on January 4, 2009

Well, not so much “Happy” but rather: 2009!

I hope this is a year that brings us all happiness, success, and unforgettable moments. Well, not everyone, otherwise how would we know if things are going well for us, if we can’t compare it to someone else’s misfortune?

I must say 2008 couldn’t have ended a moment too soon. I’m not saying it was a bad year per se, but it had certainly run its course. What have I been doing the past 10 days I hear you ask?

It’s time for the Highlights of my 2008 ending:

1. FirstChild arrived home on Christmas Eve. We were 15 minutes late for him at the airport and boy was he displeased.

2. Christmas: All in all an enjoyable day bar the one family affair where 35 minutes into the dinner, my uncle turned to my father and asked, “Who’s that blonde sitting in the corner?”… It was me. Of course he remembered FirstChild… hasn’t seen him in over three years, hasn’t seen me in over three months… but I mean, it’s an easy mistake.

3. T-Bird is back in town and held a gathering at her place on Boxing/Family Day. According to sources, apparently I had a great time. I do remember leaving a present outside my friend’s ex-boyfriend’s house at three in the morning… carrots and peas and what not. Good times.

4. The Next Day: Wanting to walk into the middle of Main Road in the hopes a truck would smash into me and just finish the job… If only I could have moved.

5. New Years Eve: Chrrrrist!

And now we’re into 2009. I must say the first four days have been relatively uneventful but that’s my bad. I’ve been trying so desperately to unwind and relax. In fact, I’ve been trying so hard that I’ve stressed myself out in hopeless efforts to become unstressed. Yes, I’m completely ridiculous.

But Monday is a new day, new job and new outfit. I also, at some point, need to start working off all that Festive Season food I have taken a liking to over the past few weeks. I mean, it’s something to think about I suppose, but you can’t rush these things.

So here’s to 2009! God knows it can only get worse… I mean better?

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