The Lank Tank

Why so serious?

Happy Happy!

Posted by lanktank on January 6, 2009


No, no, it’s 13h25. My bad. It’s not the morning, it’s practically afternoon.  Actually, I’m not sure. Would this be classified as midday or afternoon?

When I think midday I think 12h00 to 12h59. But now when I think about it, any time ranging between 13h00 and 13h59 doesn’t feel like afternoon either. 14h00 sure, that’s the afternoon, no problem, but 13h25? I’m not convinced. Afternoon? Really?

But alas! I digress. Here’s a little something to you all from The Lank Tank! ‘Cos I care….well, ‘cos I care 6 days late…

DMeister did it.


Happy New Year


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