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My 5 people that most deserve it

Posted by lanktank on January 11, 2009

Inspired from my previous post and the link I pasted in it, here are my 5 people that most deserved to be punched…

1. White ladies that still call their 47 year old Gardener, “Garden Boy” – It’s been 15 years since democrcy reared it’s oh so fabulous head, are we really still doing this? The man is older than you for God sake, why do you insist on calling him a boy? It’s offensive and embarassing… mainly for you… you need to stop it…now.

2. People with Metal Detectors on the beach – Come on! What is the best case scenario here? A R5 coin? Someone’s old filling? I swear to God you’re not finding a Kruger Rand in this pile of sand… “Oh Look, a gold bar, right under our noses. Thank God I had this metal detector on me, I may never have found it otherwise…” Think again.

3. People who wear Jeans on the beach – Yes, I’m sticking with the beach theme here. What are these people thinking? Surely one goes to the beach to swim or get a tan. Neither of which you can do when wearing a pair of jeans. And aren’t you hot? Sweet Moses! The walk through the sand alone is enough to build up a healthy glow. I truly cannot comprehend.

4. Home Affairs lady with the moustache who refuses to be helpful – This I love. Yes, I know your job is shite. Yes, I sympathise but throw me a frikken bone here because I waited in the queue for over three hours next to Guy With Really Bad B.O. and now you’re telling me I don’t have the right papers even though I double checked twice before I got here. Could you tell me why, for love of all that is holy and pure, just tell me whhhhyyyyyy?

5. Julius Malema – I think enough said here really but if you need another: The man got a double G for Woodwork….a double G. Do you know how much of a moron you have to be to get a double G? I mean, it’s almost admirable that he was able to achieve a GG, because I truly believe my pot plant could have received a better grade.

If you guys have any others… by all means… share.


3 Responses to “My 5 people that most deserve it”

  1. Darren said

    a double G?
    i dont even know how low that is?!
    but i can take a bet on how big it is…. oh yes i did. lol

    hoe can u even get that low? they ask u to hand in your woodwork project and you hand in a paper clip?
    to get a grade that low he probly spelt his name incorrectly on his exam as well

  2. Luway said

    Genius LT.

    And the paper-clip part is gold Darren.

  3. Skaaptjop said

    Metal detectors are excellent for finding engagement and wedding rings in the sand. This could be to either:
    – retrieve your own ring before your wife neuters you
    – retrieve the lost ring of some stranger to go and pawn it for drug money you crack-whore

    Why would someone take their ring off at the beach you ask? Well simply to suck in their middle-aged married bellies, look dead sexy and make leering gestures at teenagers. Or they saw their spouse in a nut-hugger and felt it was grounds for instant divorce.

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