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Posted by lanktank on January 15, 2009

OK, I’m back. Sweet Lord that was a rough two days.

Thank God I had gone toilet paper shopping the day before… (ah, Gross LT, you totally didn’t just say that did you, now I can visualise….everything!). It’s like my subconsious knew…

Seriously, I’m not sure what kind of Bug that was, I know there’s one going around. If it’s called, The “Slowly feels like your insides are ripping themselves into pieces,” Bug, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I honestly could not move, except for brief sprints to the bathroom for a little “alone time” with the toilet bowl. Thank God for TV hey? Maybe not so much “God” but rather Philo Farnsworth, David Sarnoff, Vladimir Zworykin or whoever ended up getting credit for the invention.

I must say, I am rather perplexed at what I ended up watching during my time of deliriousness… E!’s Sexiest Voluptuous Vixens was one. I can’t remember who took the top spot but Kate Winslet was 6th and Salma Hayek came in 4th. Bravo to them both. Backstage was another goodie! Old school Backstage, when it was still in Cape Town (so when it was still the BOMB).

But I have returneth and shall be blogging a more interesting read shall we say in the not too distant future…


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