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The Painting

Posted by lanktank on January 18, 2009

So FirstChild has gone back to New York. I must say I got quite used to having him back in town for a while. And although I was sad to see him go, some of the “family issues” that ressurected during his stay would probably have been better left untouched.

I think the major one that springs to mind was the argument over, The Painting…

When we were both still in Junior School, we both took Art, as it was compulsory. I think everything was compulsory back then. Often schools would hold an auction once a year, where the parent’s would have to go in the evening and purchase their childn’s artwork. It was a way of making money and for the child to get their picture back. Perhaps a little cruel on the school’s part but that’s how it worked.

As FirstChild is older than me, he had this auction evening first. As any good parents would do, M.O. and Dee went along and when it was FirstChild’s number, they purchased the painting of a bird, it was sold to them, they had it framed and it now hangs to this day, in full view for everyone to see, above the fire place in the study.

Let’s fast forward two years later. LT (not being the next Picasso, and is aware of it) has painted what she knows is the best thing she has ever and will ever produce again. A train; a train that travels through the city of the sky. It’s brightly lit, it fills the page, it’s truly an outstanding piece of modern contemporary art. I was proud of the Train travelling throughthe sky city and wanted to make sure that no matter what, M.O. and Dee bought this painting and framed it so it could sit right next to FirstChild’s Bird painting in the study.

However, things did not go according to plan… M.O. and Dee did not go to the auction that night, claiming, “They weren’t feeling well,” or “You didn’t give us enough notice,” and “Don’t worry, no one’s going to buy your painting, we’ll go buy it tomorrow.” As comforting as those words were, I was not convinced and struggled through a sleepless night, hoping and praying that the picture would not be sold.

The next day came and M.O. came to meet me during break, by the school hall. We walked in and the search for the painting began. We searched, and we searched… and as we were about to give up, there it was! I ran to it, excited to see it was still there, relieved that M.O. had made it in time. But when I looked up to see M.O.’s reaction at the painting… alas… it was bleak. As what I hadn’t noticed was that next to the painting stood a red dot pinned to the corner indicating….SOLD.

Not a good day in the life of LT. I think I got an extra tin of Milo from the parentals…guilt… but it wasn’t the same.

In retrospect, who the EF buys another child’s picture? I was 9 and by no means a prodigy…. Unless I was a prodigy but after that event in my life, never painted again.

I guess we’ll never know.


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