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Meet the crew: C-Dawg

Posted by lanktank on January 21, 2009

Of course there’s C-Dawg.

I guess you kind of already know him through the chat’s I’ve posted up here. We don’t get to speak on G-Talk as much as we used to these days due to the constraints of my new job. This has lead to us actually having to make plans, SMS and even on occasion, see each other. Not always willingly but at least it’s effort.

Check out C-Dawg’s profile… you wanna know the intricate workings of the mind behind the man, this will not disappoint…


1. Name:

2. Movies:
Monsters, Inc. – even though I’m scared to fall asleep after watching it.
WALL-E – the fact that even robots can find true love is hopeful.
What Women Want – man, I wish I could hear women’s thoughts…
You’ve Got Mail – a classic romantic comedy; much more realistic than that one where they just wrote letters to each other.

3. Books:
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus – helped me understand that I wasn’t communicating effectively with women.
He’s Just Not That into You – it turns out I was giving women a lot of wrong signals.
David Eddings – when you need to escape to a fantasy world, other than everyday life.
How to Win Friends and Influence People – for those necessary people-skills.

4. Bands:
Depeche Mode – for those somber days.
Kraftwerk – revolutionary electronic music.
Duran Duran – boy bands should be taking notes from these guys.
a-ha – take on me, take me on!

5. Interests:
Cycling & Running – physical appearance is important because we’re judged on first impressions.
Cooking – a useful skill & of course, we are what we eat.
Wine tasting – it kind of goes hand in hand with the cooking.
Computer Music Production – if only I could be the next Kraftwerk; women love guys in bands.

6. Ideal Date:
I’d go over to her place and prepare her a candle-lit dinner.
I think the whole room should be lit with candles; although, I’d probably need lights just for the cooking.

For the starter I’d go with something conversational, like some make-your-own Thai spring rolls.
The main course could be pappardelle with portobello mushrooms, rocket, pine nuts, and shaved pecorino.
This would have to be accompanied by an Australian white, possibly a Semillon.
Of course for dessert, the ultimate deal-closer, some tiramisu – try it & you’ll know why!

Anyway, you want subtle lighting, but still enough that you can see each other.
Ideally I’d need to know the dimensions of the room; then I could calculate exactly how many candles I’d need to set the right mood.
Of course we’d need music; I’m thinking 80s ballads, like Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is”.
I could even get one of those violinists, but he can’t stay for the whole evening – I guess I could give him some food to take home.

After the meal we could snuggle up on the couch and watch a romantic comedy together.
Then I’d bring the evening to a close with a gentle kiss and leave her in anticipation for something more…

7. Dinner with 3 people:
Steve Jobs – the Apple man; guaranteed to have some wise words on life.
Natalie Portman – brains with beauty; conveniently the same age as me.
Kate Beckinsale – British beauty with one damn sexy accent.

8. Occupation:
Full time consultant developer for a software company specialising in investment management software

9. How do I know LT:
We met at a party somewhere in 2007. LT had already been drinking and was now at that silly stage.
She began harassing me, telling me I’m not nearly as funny as everybody made me out to be.
I took up the challenge and spent most of the evening trying out my new material on her.

Eventually we both got stuck in a conversation about stock markets with a friend’s dad.
It was one of those conversations you just could not escape from!
We discussed bulls, bears, black swans and possibly some other animals.
We also learned that you should buy stocks when you’re depressed and sell them when you’re high.
Quite frankly it just sounded like another drugged-up adventure at Tygerberg Zoo…
It was exhausting for me, so I could only imagine what the now inebriated LT was going through.
Anyway, we helped each other through it and somehow ended up being friends because of it.

I still haven’t managed to impress her, but she does laugh at some of my jokes…

I’m not really good at giving advice. Do you want a sarcastic comment?
Chandler Bing

I’ve booted up, I’ve patched in, I’m online, offline, downloaded and extremely cheesed off!
Detective Inspector Derek Grim

I don’t like when a woman says, “Make love to me.” It’s intimidating. The last time a woman said that to me, I wound up apologizing to her.
George Costanza

She’s lost that loving feeling.
Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell


5 Responses to “Meet the crew: C-Dawg”

  1. girl next door said

    this is truely magical

  2. C-Dawg said

    That wasn’t a come-on right?
    coz we do technically work together…

  3. luwie said

    You’re batting above your league… Truly gold!!

  4. Darren said

    This guys sounds like such a legend.
    When i grow up i want to be just like him, he can be my role model.
    Im wondering if he is taking any applications for the role of wingman?

  5. Benny said

    Haha that’s the C-Dawg I know! Werd Yo!

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