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Meet the crew: FirstChild

Posted by lanktank on January 22, 2009

I suppose I have to mention him, being family and all.

He’s the favourite, the one I that turn invisible when around, the one people say, “Why can’t you be more like him?” Even though, I’m not a boy….

It’s FirstChild… it also happens to be his birthday, and this is his profile below:



Name: FirstChild

Favourite film: Hearts of Darkness (the making of Apocalypse Now); Oh! What a Lovely War; anything by Wim Wenders;


Favourite reading: The Princeton Companion to Mathematics (a masterpiece); The Economic Consequences of the Peace (Keynes’ finest); L’etranger (need I say more), The Chastening (on the East Asian financial crisis – breathtaking, stunning, marvellous)


Favourite musical artists: Arvo Pärt (and other minimalist composers like Gorecki) ; Miles Davis, Radiohead, Tool, Souad Massi,


Things which interest me: Correcting fallacious Wikipedia entries; the history of the South African transition to democracy; watching online Itunes University video lectures; the Museum of Modern Art; Functional Analysis; financial crises (causes, impacts, repercussions)


A Fine Evening with a Romantic Partner: Shakespeare in the Park, a good meal at a fine French Restaurant, and stimulating conversation about Moral Philosophy.


3 People with whom I would like to dine: French Mathematician Alexandre Grothendieck (mathematician, pacifist, beekeeper), Laurence Olivier (to interrogate him on his favourite role), Trevor Manuel (I have a few suggestions)


Occupation: Still a Student


How do I know LT: This question should be inverted to “how does LT know me”. I guess she first got to know me when she was just the 2 weeks old – I swatted her head with a small wooden hammer and she has not really been the same since.


Favourite quote: De gustibus non est disputandum


Update: A few readers have emailed to ask me why I chose L’etranger, and not say La Peste or even La Chute. I direct these readers to my favourite quotation

yours in good faith,



9 Responses to “Meet the crew: FirstChild”

  1. C-Dawg said

    That’s a pretty big shadow you’ve been living in LT.
    In fact, your childhood probably felt like one big solar eclipse…

  2. Darren said

    bwaaa ha ha ha
    now thats funny!
    i think i pee’d a bit.

    keep up the good work i love laughing at other misfortunes.

  3. girl next door said

    you pee’d? sis.

  4. Darren said

    only a little bit.
    thats still ok isnt it?

    like the splash up you get when u turn a tap on too hard?

  5. BeatNic said

    FirstChild seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY needs to drink and @*&$ more. Like seriously.

  6. C-Dawg said

    You can also get splash-back when they put ice cubes in the urinal.

    Don’t get me wrong, ice cubes are loads of fun, but it only takes a couple of beers for you to forget that angle of attack is of paramount importance!

  7. Darren said

    and dont forget the drunk guy pissing next to you! only in very rare circumstances can he hit those dangerous angles.

    the only thing worse that pee’ing on yourself, is someone else pee’ing on you!

  8. Darren said

    the only thing worse than pee’ing on yourself, is someone else pee’ing on you!

    made a typo.

  9. FirstChild said

    I think we’re losing focus here people. This is supposed to be about me. Not peeing. I for one, always pee accurately.

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