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Meet the crew: Dmeister

Posted by lanktank on January 23, 2009

Last but certainly not least, it’s Dmeister; My one and only boyfriend (yes, I only have one).

By default he’s part of the of the LT crew, mainly because of the fact that we’re “cuddling” together. Being a fairly prominent feature in my life over the past two years, he will be mentioned/discussed/scrutinized from time to time.

We met through a friend’s cousin. Strange indeed. It wasn’t love at first sight but maybe we always knew there was something there. Years later I met up with him again overseas and the rest is history. (Well, not really, it took another year before we got our act together but this is starting to seem long winded now).

Anyways, want to see how I got so lucky? Want to know what I see in this loving, caring man? Check out his profile below:


1. Name:

2. Favourite Movies: Braveheart, Bourne Trilogy, Any given Sunday and The Hulk.

3. Favourite Books: Shane Warne Biography (what can I say the guys a legend), Andy McNab – Nick Stone series

4. Favourite Bands: Thrice, Corrosion of Conformity, Pearl Jam

5. Interests: Rugby – Super14, Internationals, it makes no difference, there’s no disputing Rugby’s a man’s game.
Formula 1 – Racing around a track at 300km/h plus; what’s not to like?
The 5
th Gear – Nice to see some real drivers testing cars, better than celebrities telling you what car to buy just because they think it looks good in blue.
I’m also a big fan of the recent wave of survival programs. After watching a few of those I figure I will survive fairly easily in the wild after global warming.

6. Ideal Date: My perfect date would be going to watch a Pro20 Cricket game at Newlands. There are just so many good things about it, it’s basically a picnic (appealing to the lady), but at least there’s something to watch i.e.
the cricket (appealing to the guy). And we don’t have to talk about our “Feelings”. There’s an added bonus, we all know how bad the traffic gets in after a cricket match, so if I do, inevitably have one too many drinks then she can direct me out of the parking lot.

7. If you could have dinner with any three people: Karolina Kurkova and Jessica Alba, I don’t even have to think about those. Oh, and I suppose I’ll have to invite LT as well. She can help fill those awkward silences; I’m probably not going to want to talk the whole time.

8. Occupation: Graphic Designer

9. How did you meet LT: If I remember correctly we met through a mutual friend at a house party, something like that?

10. Quotes: “If you’re not first then you’re last” – Ricky Bobby
“You’re going to tell me what I want to know. It’s just a question of how much you want it to hurt.” – Jack Bauer


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