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Where have all the Cowboy, show’s gone?

Posted by lanktank on January 30, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by Dmeister


So here I am writing my first blog. The thought of which started when I realized there was a whole world of people out there writing their daily thoughts and opinions. So I thought, why be different? What makes other people’s opinions better than mine? Agreed, nothing. So if they can give you their opinion when their wrong, why can’t I give you mine when I’m right? And that’s the reason I’ve decided to write about truths and justices and things that are wrong with the world. There has to be a beacon of light for people somewhere out there.


I thought I’d start with something that has been on my mind for a while: Television.
I have a question: What happened to all the good, “Man” shows we used to have? Now I’m hearing the sounds of hundreds (well maybe not hundreds), tens of people, saying, “What do you mean? There are tons of good programs on television at the moment.” Really, there are?


Okay, let’s work through a few shall we? Ah, let’s see; There’s Ugly Betty (Ugly girl with too many feelings, and that annoying “let’s freak out about everything” attitude), Grey’s Anatomy (Nurse with too many feelings and man is she confused). Now you’re probably thinking, wait a minute, those are girls programs? Agreed, but then why are so many guys watching them? The only thing happening in the story is that someone loves someone that doesn’t love them or someone hates someone because they think they did something that upsets them but actually they love them as well, they just don’t know it yet, etc. And these seem to be recurring themes in almost all the current big television shows at the moment. Apparently someone decided that it’s not a TV show unless there are emotions and long-winded discussions involved, and my money says that Tom Cruise and Scientology are probably behind it, but that’s just my guess, but a story for another time. Moving on…


At this point you’re thinking, “DMeister, your right, how could we not have see that our already emotionally overrun lives are becoming even more emotional on a daily basis due to TV?” And you’re probably also asking, “HOW, did this happen?” Well I’ve also been thinking about it and I think I’ve almost worked it out… Dawson’s Creek. Well most of Dawson’s Creek. We can’t blame them entirely because let’s be honest, we all stopped watching after the second season. But let’s think about this, let it sink in. What happened in that show that wasn’t about feelings? Oh, could it be…Nothing? The whole show was about Dawson on his shitty creek, making shitty movies and him whining about why everyone thinks they’re shitty. Or one of his cry baby friends, crying about how no body loved them. “Boo Hoo, life stinks I want to cry, Joey doesn’t love me!” From then on people started watching other people crying about their feelings, followed by another show about feelings, until finally the only emotions we now feel comfortable with are “sad and depressing.”

Even programs like Heroes have too many feelings in it and those people have super powers! But don’t worry I have three, yes, three solutions to this problem…

Option 1. The A-Team, yes you could sit back and watch some old episodes of the all time greats. Now those guys knew how to party, Machine guns and cigars! Driving around in a big black van being chased by some government suit, who was trying to stop them because they were just too bad ass!


Option 2. 24, I’m not even going to go into this one. Everyone knows nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the legendary, JACK BAUER! He’s more famous than the actor playing him, whatever his name is?


Option 3. Well this one might be an obvious one, but I’m not sure anyone has thought of it yet…TURN OFF YOUR TV. Here’s an idea, down a few beers go outside and make your own stories. But that’s just an Idea. I’m pretty sure there’s an off button on the television, somewhere. If there isn’t throw it out of the window. Why not, it worked for Keith Moon.


So the moral of this blog entry is: Get out there and make life happen, stop watching some girl with braces cry cause people are mean to her! Maybe if she lost some weight… 

3 Responses to “Where have all the Cowboy, show’s gone?”

  1. LT said

    GND! Do you see what I’m working with here? He doesn’t even like Grey’s Anatomy! And she’s not a nurse D, she’s a surgeon! God!

  2. Captain Awesome said

    maybe if she had a nurse uniform on the show would be alot better.

  3. lanktank said

    all is not lost. sky news announced that jack is back. they said a new season is starting.

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