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Posted by lanktank on February 6, 2009

James Franco: Funnier than I ever would have thought. I know he’s funny, I know he can do comedy, but I came across these videos on and I thought they were terrific…

Except that I can’t embed it on here…. shite… now I’ve built this whole thing up about how great these sketches are and bla bla bla and now I can’t even embed the MOFO videos in this entry….I’m embarrassed, really, ashamed. Don’t look at me! Don’t look at meeeee! I’m hideous!

But here’s a link if you want to try that route:




Anyway, they’re funny so if you’re in the mood for a little light hearted comedy on a boiling Friday afternoon, by all means…

Jesus it is hot today hey? My oh my, it’s like walking around in an oven. Yes, that’s exactly how I feel: Like a cheese puff pie… baking in the 220 degree oven…. I love cheese…

Sweet Lord I have no idea what I’m saying… apologies. It’s been a busy week but next week we’ll be back in action… I’m also delirious because of the heat… did I mention the heat? I could just re-read this and see for myself but that’s how much the heat is making me lazy.

Don’t even want to read my own shit. And that’s a marketing lesson right there: If I don’t believe in my product, who will?

Enjoy the weekend peeps…….. And don’t worry, Monday will be back soon enough. Oh God, that’s not a good note to end on.


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