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SA Idols 2009 Review

Posted by lanktank on February 8, 2009

Idols is back in our South African lives and it’s Season 5 of the show. Season 5, man time flies. The first and last season I ever watched of SA Idols was the one where Anke won. Remember her? Of course you don’t.

But that was years ago and I felt it not right to make my little Idols jokes without giving it another go. It’s addictive, I remember that. So my concern is that I might be committing myself to something I’ll eventually end up resenting (Can anyone say Dawson’s Creek?) but it’s been a few years and maybe aspects of the show have changed. Just as people grow and progress, T.V. shows can do that too.

According to my mother, the show started a week ago. So forgive me, I’m a tad behind. But I’m sitting here at 17:20, at my parent’s house on a Sunday afternoon and I’m feeling positive. What does SA have to offer?

17h30: And it’s on! Same intro music as before but that’s probably contracted. I see there’s a new presenter; A lady. Has Colin moved onto bigger and better things?
Its Johannesburg auditions, and they’re complaining how there has never been a Jo’burg winner in Idols. Looks like they’re gunning for one this year.

17h32: Same judges as before… oh dear.

17h33: First girl to step up to the plate, I think her name is Lauren, she’s chosen: If I were a Boy” by Beyonce. Bad choice of song, I haven’t even heard it yet but why would you do this to yourself. It’s going to be brutal…and…

17h34: it was.

17h35: Next guy couldn’t sing for shite and apparently the judges didn’t think he was sexy at all. That’s always nice, getting rejected because you can’t sing and being told you’re ugly as well.

17h37: Oh, you can bring in instruments. That’s a nice idea.

17h45: Two brothers have come in and there seems to be an issue with the guitar; he’s dropped his plectrum in it… that’s never going to get you off to a good start. No, it seems it didn’t.

17h47: Hilton Currie with his entourage of 15 people have gone in for an audition. Shame his whole family are listening to him outside… and he’s not going to make it…. no no, no. Ah no, his family is shocked and distraught. It’s all so delusional really.

17h50: Still no people into the second round yet. But here comes Cameron, 17 and kind of cute (is that wrong of me, being fairly older?) The producers have done a little back story on him and we’re 20 minutes in. I rate he’ll be good. Most back stories are for the good singers. Yes indeed, judges love him. Ah, they’re gushing over him. It’s a little weird. And he’s in.

17h54: Sithembiso steps up to the plate, picks Evanescence, My Immortal. Tough song, but she’s through.

18h01: Some chick has come in, saying she’s doing Idols for a laugh. Susie, I think is her name. She seems to really like herself. She got it and is pleased.

18h05: Beat boxing guy came on. Can’t sing but the beat boxing was cool. He got in, surprising. I’m getting hungry, how much longer is this?

18h06: Oooh the judges made a funny. Something about a song being dedicated to Randall. Well done Gareth.

18h14: A lot of bad singers… I’m getting a headache. Some girl just got rejected, for not having a single tone in her voice. She was positive though, she walked out and told the camera, “its fine, when one door closes another one opens.” And she’s right. It just won’t be a musical door.

18h25: More bad, bad and bad singers. Can we even call them singers? I suppose not.

18h30: What? This is an hour and a half? Jesus. I need to regroup and collect my thoughts…

18h42: I’m back; don’t think we missed too much. My parents updated me and there was nothing exciting they said. My dad said there was one guy who sang brilliantly until my mother pointed out that it wasn’t Idols but rather the Mnet montage during the ad break and it was Westlife singing in the background.

18h50: Is that Greg? What’s he doing in Jo’burg?

18h51: Greg could not sing.

18h53: Hey look, two squirrels having sex. Not on Idols. Outside the window. They seem happy.

18h57: Some girl is singing with her eyes closed (badly) and they judges crept out without her knowing. It was meant to be funny but I’m not sure it was. It was sad, and kind of rude.

19h00: Done. Phew, that was a struggle I’m not going to lie. I might watch again, see who gets through to the Top 10. But I have a sickening feeling this may be another Dawson’s Creek fiasco.

4 Responses to “SA Idols 2009 Review”

  1. Captain Awesome said

    the only other door that was opened for her was the exit door

  2. luwie said

    That Cameron guy, was he the one who sang Jon Mayer… He was awesome (I’m so gay). Last week there was a guy who came in with his cell phone with James Blunt as an MP3. He played it as his instrument. Gold. Then Randall phoned him as he was singing along. Genius. Ok, I have revealed to much… Yes I watch it and yes I enjoy it… Don’t judge me…

  3. TauLyz said

    Guys who was voted out? Please fill me in, I missed last night show.

  4. Ron said

    Just watching the 5th April session….is this for real? The singers are truly crap! Maybe one of them has any talent and thats Jason! They are doing the Rock-n-Roll night with songs like ABA’s Mama Mia and Bon Jovi’s I will love you……for shits sake, when did this junk class as Rock-n-roll??? The judges should start getting their so called talents togather and start telling these people the truth….they cant frikkin sing to save their lives!

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