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I’d Tap That – Keeley Hazel

Posted by lanktank on February 11, 2009

This is a Dmeister pick

Well, seeing that LT and GND got together and came up with their “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed” concept; Us guys, not wanting to be out done, got together, did some thinking and we came up with one for the guys.

Originally I wanted “Girl I’d like to do!” but some people thought it was a little too racy. So we settled on, “I’d tap that”. I think the idea behind the concept is pretty self explanatory. For the benefit of all the guys out there I’ve started off with an easy one that I’m sure most of us have had some kind of fantasy about at some stage. And for the people that haven’t heard of Keeley Hazel: Be amazed, and let the fantasies begin!

KeeleyShe has really nice, um, hair.


7 Responses to “I’d Tap That – Keeley Hazel”

  1. Jimbo said

    im loving the slight hint of nip on her left breastises
    Ek sal!

  2. luwie said

    Holy ****. I’ve seen her on So You Think You Can Dance (I am genuinely straight believe it or not) and she’s cute without being amazing. But that pic is hotness personfied… So despite being the tallest woman in the world, DMeister, I’m with you on this one…

  3. Captain Awesome said

    im going to have to stop you there.
    so you think you can dance, mmmmm? actually is hard to believe.
    and Kat Deely is the tall hotty presenter.
    Donate R50 to charity for you mistake!

  4. luwie said

    Wow, that is a shocking mistake… But it was merely a trap Captain Awesome… You watch it too…

    I dunno how I got that wrong… Must be the the Keeley-Deely mix-up… Name the charity, R50 on its way… Sigh.

  5. Captain Awesome said

    damn, you are wise beyond your years! but trickery will getyou nowhere.

    Its called the “bring me beer foundation”

  6. Luway said

    Bring me beer foundation? As a wise man once said, trickery will getyou (sic) nowhere.

  7. BeatNic said

    I honour your choice with a dignified High 5. Love your work!

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