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What’s the crew getting up to for Valentine’s Day: Part 3

Posted by lanktank on February 12, 2009


So Dmeister and I haven’t really discussed what our plans (if any) for Valentine’s Day are going to be, although he says he’s planned something great. This is quite out of the ordinary because normally we ( and by “we” and mean him) never plan anything for… anything really, so this is a real step forward… I’m guessing, it will a nice, easy hike up the mountain, where we’ll have a picnic. Possibly, a romantic dinner in the evening, a walk along the boulevard. I don’t know, I just don’t know. I’m excited though,  I wonder what it could be?


So what are my Valentine’s Day plans you ask? Well it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for the past few days. Actually I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday evening. That was pretty much the same time someone mentioned to me what they were doing for Valentine’s Day. But I’ve been doing some pretty serious thinking about my plans since then.

And then I had an epiphany; this year Valentine’s  Day  falls on a Saturday. Not just any Saturday but Saturday the 14th of February, the very same Saturday the 14th that just happens to be the Stormers first Super 14 match against the Sharks. I couldn’t believe my luck. That solved two of my problems at the same time. The first being how can I get LT to the game, and the second being what to do on Valentine’s Day?

So in a nutshell my Valentine’s this year is going to be a few pre-game drinks, flowers, (girls love flowers) Newlands, more half time drinks, followed by more Newlands.

Then I’m assuming we’ll end the night off with a trip to the local pub for one or two drinks followed by supper. Although, I might be full after all the beer. Stormers are going to kill the Sharks! I can’t wait!

LT: This was your big surprise? A Super 14 game? This isn’t the impression you gave me at all. What’s so, and I quote “great” and “special” about that?

Dmeister: Why are you upset? GND is going. You guys can read Cosmo or whatever while I hang with the boys.Isn’t this a win/win scenario for everyone?

LT: No, no. You’re right. Let’s go with this idea. Let’s see how this plays out… for you, that is.

Dmeister: You know, anyone else might have picked up a sarcastic tone to your voice but I know you, I’m pretty sure I’ve turned you on this and you’re excited.

LT: I guess, we’ll have to see, won’t we?

6 Responses to “What’s the crew getting up to for Valentine’s Day: Part 3”

  1. Girl Next Door said

    Dmeister… you are SO marriage material. I love it. I love you. Bit much? Too soon?

    LT I’ve got the new heat we’re sorted. G&T’s, girl time, hot boys everywhere, I can’t wait. Can you?

  2. Jimbo said

    Iv got a better idea.

    why dont u ditch her after the game and meet up with Kappie and i at the traffic party.
    remember to wear green!
    oh and at least leave her some money for a taxi home, chicks love it when u take care of them like that.

  3. mo said

    are you sure that jimbo isnt the guy that was rejected by the dating agency the other day?

  4. LT said

    Jimbo, stop suggesting things. In fact, stop reading altogether. Although I must say I’m surprised you can read…

  5. Luway said

    Maybe you can get the big screen to film in on you at half time while you go down on one knee… thats so romantic.

  6. Jimbo said

    If I had feeling I might have hurt those feelings when reading your comments!

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