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Organising with the crew

Posted by lanktank on February 13, 2009

I sent a group email to the crew, asking if they were coming over to my place for a gathering we have from time to time.

Below, is how the email and replies played out.

Yes, these are my friends and this is my life…

LT: Hey Guys,

OK, so let’s make it this Wednesday (thanks Kappie for coming despite your soccer practice!). Let’s aim for 19:00/19:30. Is that cool for everyone?

luvvies LT

The Group replies that ensued…

Kappie: I will be there, I’m sure my team can do without their ‘Ronaldo’ for one night….better be better snacks than the last time

C-Dawg: I shall be there – if only for fear of being ‘square’.
There weren’t any snacks last time, so LT putting out hamster kibble would even be a step up.

GND: You’re hamster kibble

Kappie: This whole thing is hamster kibble!!!
P.S. I’m not wearing any underwear….EVER!!!

Dmeister: I vote we eat actual hamsters!

GND: Sweet I’m in. In fact I’m only coming if that’s the case.


Perhaps I should cancel this entirely…


3 Responses to “Organising with the crew”

  1. Jimbo said

    I cant believe u dont have snacks!
    thats uncalled for, do u know how long it takes to get to the south. We have to pack our passports and supplies.

    So when we get there we expect snacks… and beer at least.
    Maybe some women to ease our ease our tension!

  2. C-Dawg said

    Doesn’t this violate some kind of unspoken friendship confidentiality rule?

    It’s like me telling a priest that I just killed somebody and then he turns me in. Of course that’s a completely ridiculous story, especially considering I’m not religious…

    I vote for a motion to remove LT from the proverbial loop. All those in favour, say “Aiii”…

  3. FirstChild said

    Aiii. LT can you please approve this comment.

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