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Remember the classics

Posted by lanktank on February 24, 2009

Advertising is just not the same anymore, don’t you think? Most of the adverts I see nowadays are either shite or not shite, except that I can’t remember what they were advertising, thereby still making it… shite.

I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact that there are so many more mediums of advertising, than there were 15 years ago; the main focus not necessarily being television anymore, so companies have to balance their resources accordingly.

But there were some goodies when we were growing up hey? Some, I’ll never forget, probably for as long as I live… as sad as that sounds. But that’s just great advertising people… a marketer’s dream.

Therefore, because of my nostalgia for the greats and possibly as an urge to advertising agencies to maybe up their game a little, or perhaps all they need to do is go back to basics; I’ve decided to introduce a new category namely: Remember the Classics…

The T.V. Bar Ad:

Undeniably one of the best adverts ever made. I’m talking about the one where two young boys are in their school uniforms and waiting at the bus stop. They’re hiding under a jacket because it’s pouring with rain. They both look very disgruntled with life and feeling rather sorry for themselves when Boy A says:

“I’m hungry!”

Boy B turns to him and begins asking him to imagine eating a delicious, magical treat which is so well described you can’t help but be engrossed to the television to find out what he’s talking about. He goes on for about 20 seconds and as he is about to reach the climax of the story…

“…Swirling in a whirlpool of chocolate, crispy rice and coconuts-“

He is interrupted by Boy A, who can’t take it anymore, and screams, “Stop! Stop!”

But the grand finale is when Boy B, turns to Boy A and with a wry smile pulls out a Beacon TV Bar chocolate and says:

“Imagine eating all of that…NOW!”

Glorious, truly glorious.

I wonder what has happened to those two boys. They must be in their thirties by now. I hope they’ve gone on to great things, maybe met someone special and started a family; because both performances in this advert were worthy of a Cannes award at least.

Got any vintage ads you think are worthy of being called a “Classic?” Email them to lanktankstuff[@]gmail[dot]com


4 Responses to “Remember the classics”

  1. Luwie said

    The 2 greatest ads of all time have to be the Panado “this is what the picture’s all about” kid… I reckon he became a drug-lord of sorts.

    And of course the “wedwo” kid who called everything “wedwo”… I reckon you’d want to stay away from him as well as he must have awful breath!!

    Ok, so all the great ads seem to involve little boys… disturbing…

  2. Jimbo said

    Because im a children.

    Im still wondering if that was Lawsy or not!

    i think there are only boys in the ads because these ads were before womans rights came around?

  3. Skaaptjop said

    “i think there are only boys in the ads because these ads were before womans rights came around?”
    This is odd because all the women I know get headaches rather often.

    L.T., the one TV bar kid is clinically obese, slurps everything through a straw because his teeth rotted out and has been blacklisted as there are a number of unsubstantiated criminal charges laid against him for fraud. He consequently cannot get a credit card.

    The other TV Bar kid is laughing at him.

  4. Luwie said

    Right Jimbo… the good ol’ days.


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