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I’d tap that – Mikaela Keller

Posted by Laurence on February 26, 2009

A FirstChild pick

First, let me just say that I find the title of this category somewhat coarse, but anyway, gentlemen, I bring to you this week a most beautiful and intelligent lady. My heart melts at the sound of those French lips. I have spent many nights with a nice glass of chardonnay, a pen and pad and her online video lectures. Of course, I’m talking about Mikaela Keller, and here are her lectures on probability theory with applications to machine learning.

Be stimulated. Take that “Jessica Alba” and “Keeley”.

Basics of probability and statistics – Mikaela Keller


6 Responses to “I’d tap that – Mikaela Keller”

  1. C-Dawg said

    I think she’d be more appealing if she wasn’t into all this Bayesian probability…

    Still, not bad for a chick who’s into AI!

  2. Jimbo said

    Kappie is AI that thing i saw a girl use in that one video of yours?

  3. mo said

    its your cousins birthday today

  4. Girl Next Door said

    jeez FC, is this the communication MO needs to resort to

    but seriously, this is what a like to call a ‘belter’

  5. FirstChild said

    i already wrote on her wall, mom. I keep forgetting, you’re not on facebook.

  6. Angelo said

    Do you have her email? I want to write her a thank you note cause the presentations were really nice and not to forget …she is charming….made me forgot AI and machine learning

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