The Lank Tank

Why so serious?

Ripping Ain’t Cool

Posted by lanktank on February 26, 2009

So, I’m sitting in an internet cafe (don’t ask why I’m at an internet cafe) about to talk to you about this lovely cocktail bar I went to the other night when the dude next to me let’s one rip.

I mean, what the hell? What has society become I ask you? And I’m not the only one who can smell, the girl sitting next to me on the other side is pulling a face. I know this because I turned to her and made sure she saw me shake my head, just in case she thinks I’ve released this vile odour that’s dispersing around us.

How does he think this is acceptable? Just because we’re all wearing earphones doesn’t mean we’ve lost our sense of smell? Where does he think he is? It’s like he’s at home, in his bedroom and he let’s one loose; and only then does he see the dog lying on the floor. But he thinks to himself, “Oh well, who gives an Ef, it’s only a dog.”

And that’s what is happening here in the internet cafe. We, the people, sitting in our little cubicles, are the dog to his bedroom.

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