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Why so serious?

Anyone else?

Posted by lanktank on March 6, 2009

Anyone else notice that Eminem has a new single out?

Anyone else ever gone out one night but left your phone at home, spent the whole night stressing about ALL the people who MUST be trying to get hold of you but can’t, only to get home later and… nothing?

Anyone else still getting the occasional zit even though they’re in their mid twenties?

Anyone else ever feel like diving into a pool of custard?

Anyone else like adjusting the volume on their hi-fi in even numbers only?

Hey, Anyone else notice that it’s been really hot in Cape Town this week?

Have a splendid weekend!! Good luck to C-Dawg with the Argus… that crazy kid.

3 Responses to “Anyone else?”

  1. Luwie said

    Never felt like diving into a pool of custard before… until now. Damn it.

  2. C-Dawg said

    Swimming in custard is not all it’s cracked up to be; it’s quite viscous and more sticky than it looks. Unless you’re planning on standing under a shower that rains jelly afterwards, it’s really just a bad idea.

    I only adjust the volume in prime numbers; suffice to say, I don’t adjust my volume too often.

    Great pools of custard, I completely forgot that I’m doing the Argus – I better get home & shave my legs!

  3. Rox said

    Yes to all, except the zit part. I almost said yes to that too, but realised I haven’t even had the smallest spot for a good year or so now…. so clearly 28 or so is the cut off point?

    P.S. I would swim in just about anything cool and liquid right now, it’s so damn hot again!!

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