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SAP Run-in

Posted by lanktank on March 6, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by Kappie

Recently I found myself in the land of the free. Yes, the great Orange Free State, Bloemfontein. I had a wedding to go to there and once I heard I was invited to the bachelor’s too there was no way I was going to say no.

The bachelor’s started like a normal one really, with drinks flowing. The soon to be married man (dead man walking) being dressed up in stockings and what not and of course photos with random hot chicks we saw on the way.

The bachelor, having a poor form of drinking habits, retired early or should I say basically got kidnapped by his soon to be father in-law and whisked away in fear of anything really bad happening. I don’t know why he felt that way, but in hindsight I almost begin to understand.

We carried on the party without him and on our trip home we happened to pass a police van, but not any old van. It was a giant personnel carrier with wheels almost the same height as a 12 year old. Of course it being left unguarded and in the middle of a field I thought now was the perfect time to get some photos. It started out fairly mild with us just posing next to the van, then pretending we got arrested, then us on top of the van and finally us IN the van. Why they left it unlocked is beyond me.

Up the road when we were right at the back of the van playing “good cop, bad cop” we saw blue lights coming down the road. We had obviously been making too much noise or set off some silent alarm. By the time we saw the cop car it was either jump out the van, which one guy named Monkey did, or stay still and try and hide in the van. I opted for the second option. As the cop car came to a stop, an officer got out with a flash light. The guy taking the photos hit the deck as if he was tackled to the ground, Monkey ran off into the bushes and one other guy and I were now pinned down inside the van.

I could hear the officer moaning and shouting at the photographer and bush jumper, telling him to show himself. I couldn’t take the waiting any longer so I bolted out the van with the other guy and found myself face-to-face with the officer. He gave me some strong words that I don’t really remember and asked where the bush jumper was. I lied and said there were only three of us. He shouted a little more then told us to get out of there. We did, leaving a man behind in the bush…

Ok, fine. We went round the block to give the coppers enough time to drive away then went back to fetch him. I reckon if we were in a bigger town things could have got messy. Rock on Bloem!!!!


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