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SA Idols Top Ten Review

Posted by lanktank on March 8, 2009

Everyone I know is talking about this year’s Idols (that’s a lie, no one I know is talking about it) but it’s still pretty big so I thought, a lot has progressed since my last entry on SA Idol’s 2009 and it’s about time for another.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I haven’t watched the show since my last entry a month ago. So I don’t have anyone in particular I like, or any history or pre-watching with these current contestants. All I know is that we’re down to the final top ten contestants and first up is a girl named:

1. Ntsepa: She seemed sweet and her voice was good. She’s also very pretty and probably a genuinely nice person. I didn’t think it was as amazing as what the judges did but enjoyable none the less.

2. Lendel: God I hate this song so much. He’s busy singing that “you are my, my, my, my lady… something” song. So unfortunate if someone picks a song that you can’t stand; you automatically favour that person less. Which is what has happened here: His voice isn’t THAT bad, but the song sucks, he keeps letting out these little yelps of excitement… “Woo! Hoo! Yoo!” and the way he keeps, signalling to the crowd to cheer louder: Annoying. And he just yelped again! He sounds like a tortured poodle. Stop it!

Now we get about 17 promo’s and sponsorships between singers performances. It’s not even done tastefully. Let’s cross over to this amazing spa and listen to the contestants talk about how great it is to be in the top ten while getting their eyebrows tinted.

3.  Sasha-Lee: I thought not bad but sort of phased out while M.O. and Dee were asking me if I’d heard of tonight’s M-Net 8pm movie and whether or not I liked it – until I suddenly became irritable and wasn’t sure why. Then I realised, it was Sasha-Lee, reaching the peak of the song… loud…too loud. A shite Celine Dion song choice too. Yuk.

4. Thembi: A Mariah Carey number, “You’ll always be my baby.” Everyone is picking the cheesiest, corniest songs. Why? What was the theme for this week? Pop Song Disasters for our time? Again, I didn’t love it but the judges love them all. Maybe the tuning from live singing to television isn’t right. Like sound waves or something. I’m serious because everyone sounds bleh! But she was probably second best so far… first being Ntsepa.

Who is this presenter? I’m trying to like her, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t. I can’t put my finger on it, but when I watch her I feel like scratching the skin off my arm, at least until I can see bone. Is this a good thing to be experiencing? Oh, she’s just said Cameron is up next and the girls seem to have gone ballistic. I think I remember him from last time… also I know Luwie loves him.

5. Cameron: Oh, he’s quite sweet looking, not my cup of tea but I definitely see where the ladies are coming from. And he can put together a few sentences too. OK, he’s singing: Best song choice so far, a Rock ‘n Roll number. He can play guitar which is always attractive and the voice is good. Again with the “woo-ing” at the end. I’ve minused a point from him but I still liked it. M.O. likes him because she says he looks polite.

6. Daniel: Quick shot of him at the spa, getting a hand massage… sponsors should be ashamed of themselves. OK, he’s singing Elton John:

Oops, I started looking at my Twitter Feed and forgot to pay attention. The song is over as I’ve turned my head to the TV; he has a big blotch of peroxide in his hair. So, that’s all I’m going to say on that.

7. Lize: Ooh, love this song, “Hallelujah” by Lenard Cohen. Can she pull it off?

I thought it was good, maybe not amazing but I think she managed. Far better than most of the others so far. Of course, the judges hated it. If I like it, they hate it. Bizarre. OK Gareth liked it. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Ooohh, Supper, I’ll be back.

OK, I saw Pixie and Jason while eating…

8. Pixie: Nooit bru. And she kept saying things like, “What a great crowd!” – going for the cheap and easy cheer.

9. Jason: Was the bomb. Best performance of the night. Sucks to be Graeme… who’s up next.

Ad Break: If I see that Jonas Brother Movie Trailer one more time, I may have to commit a violent criminal act.

10. Thank God, the last performer – Graeme: I think he fancies himself a bit. I also think he thinks he’s rather funny. I’m not so sure. But he wasn’t bad. Quite cool. No way near as good as Jason.

And it’s over. Phew.

6 Responses to “SA Idols Top Ten Review”

  1. Luwie said

    Great round up. Thought Lize was good too. Although I do dislike Graeme a lot. Cameron is still my man although Jason now has the sympathy card in his back-pocket! As for all the woo-hooing, crisis!! Lendel was the worst but don’t think he’ll leave tonight…

  2. sunshine said

    I like your take on the show last nigh – I so agree with you, especially about the presenter! Maybe an electric prodder will help… Jason was THE man and I also find Graeme funny/interesting, although I’m sure he turns into a werewolf or something when there is a full moon.

    Let’s hope that its Lendel’s turn to go home, sheesh he sucked.

    Anyway, back to being a working bee…

  3. Luwie said

    The presenter is so awful… Seriously, if she called Pixie ‘armpit girl’ one more time, I would freak.

    I reckon Graeme is a big-time druggie… And I hater that song he sung, although I’ll admit he was good. Jason was the best but still think Cameron will take this… And yes, I am bored with nothing else to do but comment on Idols…

    PS: did anyone see the bikini girl on American Idol? Gold…

  4. Luwie said

    The presenter is so awful… Seriously, if she called Pixie ‘armpit girl’ one more time, I would freak.

    Oh, and also forgot to say that the only good thing about that Jonas Brothers movie is that it’s a useful way to hit on jailbait… But remember to bring the ear-muffs.

    I reckon Graeme is a big-time druggie… And I hate that song he sung, although I’ll admit he was good. Jason was the best but still think Cameron will take this… And yes, I am bored with nothing else to do but comment on Idols…

    PS: did anyone see the bikini girl on American Idol? Gold…

  5. John Bres-trojan32 said

    I think its a load of shit.The way they don’t have it live as a judge can’t hold her racial tongue.The way Lize didn’t get through- Humble,talented and the looks to show-what more do you need?
    This show has really sunk- the presenter acts like a celeb wannabe-bring back a real professional such as Colin.
    Unless Idols is going like the rest of SA-connection call.
    I think Idols SA sucks and should get an EXTREME MAKEOVER before someone else comes up with a better and more professionally run competition ie: when other pay per view channels start up

  6. John Bres-trojan32 said

    Oh yes I’m bored as I’m sick in bed otherwise I wouldn’t waste my keystroke about Idols SA

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