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Posted by lanktank on March 10, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by Kappie

Alright Kappie is no mall rat, but a couple of weeks ago I’m walking in the mall checking the odd girl out and just scoping the area out in general.

While looking around I spot a guy I went to school with about ten years ago. Now I know he’s spotted me because he suddenly picks up his walking pace and has a new found interest in his shoes. I think to myself, “fair enough,” I was just about to do the same thing really so there weren’t any hard feelings. I don’t actually recall ever having a conversation with the guy in the first place and just because I went to school with him doesn’t mean I should throw my hands in the air and greet him. Does it?

Anyway common manners aside, I leave the mall and don’t think about it again. If anything I’m glad I dodged a potentially awkward conversation. The very next day I check my Facebook profile and guess who wants to add me as a friend? Yip, the guy from the mall.

So the situation is pretty clear that we have two guys who aren’t comfortable saying a simple hello to each other and both know it, but one is still willing to try a Facebook friendship?

Naturally I agree to it, but am wondering why now. It was recently my birthday; you think he wished me on Facebook? No. You think I’m going to wish him on his birthday? Probably not. In fact I don’t see us ever talking, posting anything on each others’ wall or sending a poke even (which I think is pretty gay for a guy to send another guy a ‘poke’). Maybe he just needed one more ‘friend’ to make his Facebook friends an even ten. Who knows?

But now the waiting game has started; who will crack first and say the hello? Will it be Kool, Kalm and Kollected Kappie? Or will it be weird other guy? Let’s just say it won’t be me and please note the killer alliteration I added in there. High fives all round…except to weird other guy. Ok, high five to you too, but if you don’t make a good sounding high five you’re off my Facebook friends list FOREVER!

5 Responses to “BFF?”

  1. craig said

    haha class post. I know the feeling too.

  2. FirstChild said

    Kapster, I think he wants to be able to check out the girls on your friend list. Then he can ‘poke’ them and say things like ‘oh, you’re friends with kappie too, what an amazing coincidence’

  3. mo said

    hey firstchild I am glad to see u are still around.No time to contact your parents but can still comment on the blog?

  4. Luwie said

    Ground him.

  5. Kappie said

    You’re right FirstChild. I think he does want to ‘poke’ my girlfriends on Facebook…and I don’t blame him, but he’ll have to wait his turn. now, please give your mother some attention. She just wants to love you, dam it!

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