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Remember The Classics – It’s Manhattan Time

Posted by lanktank on March 10, 2009

OK, it was kind of a lame Ad, but it has stuck with me throughout the years. I can’t remember the whole thing but enough to remember that this was a promotion for Manhattan sweets.

Come on, I’m sure you remember:

It was a montage of children playing together and eating the various range of Manhattan sweets that they had to offer. I remember the beginning, I’m sure you do too…

“Check the time out, on your wrist” – Little kid has the sweetie watch on his arm and rips it off with his teeth… smiling.

“Manhattan, Manhattan twist”

“Make that worm squirm… something, something”

“Something about a dummy…”

And the best part: A kid holds up two little foot sweets, just as the lyrics go:

“Now eat your feet!!!” – And he gobbles them up!

Song continues for a while… before the closer: “It’s Manhattan Ti-hime!”

I loved that song; it made me chuckle inside. Obviously not enough to remember the whole thing but you get my point.

A classic? I feel it is.

One Response to “Remember The Classics – It’s Manhattan Time”

  1. Luwie said

    I think some of the blanks are:

    “Check the time out, on your wrist”
    “Mellow mellow, Manhattan twist”
    “Make your worm squirm… ?? (big man something)”
    “Suck your dummy…”
    “Squishy soft feet”
    “Now eat your feet!!!”
    “It’s Manhattan Ti-hime!”

    C’mon ppl, fill in the blanks… together, everyone achieves more. Go team.

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