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I’d tap that – Adriana Lima

Posted by lanktank on March 12, 2009

This is a Dmeister pick

Today I have chosen a gem: Adriana Lima.

She’s famous because…Well I don’t know why she’s famous. But I’m glad she is because she has now entered my life. Anyway I could go on and on explaining why she’s my choice, but really look at the picture. I think it speaks for itself. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “I’d tap that – Adriana Lima”

  1. Kappie said

    Nice one Dmeister, but if you haven’t noticed…SHE’S DEAD AND IS ALREADY AN ANGEL IN THE SKY!!! OH THE HUMANITY!!!

  2. C-Dawg said

    Haha, I like one of the automatically generated, possibly related posts:
    “Adriana Lima Has Fantastic Breasts”

    These computers are pretty clever these days…

  3. Jimbo said

    Ek sal

  4. craig said

    Im taking back my erection from the previous tap-that-girl. and placing it right here. On. Or in. whatever.

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