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Anybody else? #2

Posted by lanktank on March 13, 2009

Anybody else think their one arm is longer then the other?

Anybody else think that Caramello Bears are the best chocolate ever and that they truly make you happy inside?

Anybody else going to the Dirty Skirts at Kirstenbosch this Sunday?

Anybody else ever agonise over sending an sms to someone, drafted it several times until finally confident to send. But then as you’re sending it you have a change of heart, try to switch off your phone but are never are able to in time and it ALWAYS comes up as, “Message Sent” and then you pause for a second before going, “Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!”

Anybody else hate the phrase, “Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ll never be hurt,sing like no one is listening,and live like it’s heaven on earth.”

Anybody else like cracking their toe knuckles? … I’m not saying I do… or anything.


2 Responses to “Anybody else? #2”

  1. Captain Awesome said

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation at the rate in which monthly blogging has gone up.Except for Dec when LT was letting herself go. They have been putting together more and more emails each month.
    well done guys.

    My vote will definately go to Captain Awesome for character of the year.After which I am voting Lank Tank as best new/ houmourous blog.
    Does character of the year even exist? I will put it in the suggestions box

  2. C-Dawg said

    I think Captain Awesome wants a hug…
    He should change his name to “Captain Awesomely in need of a Hug”

    Who in their right mind says that phrase about living like it’s heaven on Earth? LT, terminate your relationship with these people, with immediate effect – life’s too short!

    I wonder what makes Caramello Bears happy inside – I’m assuming caramel. The good news is that they have Caramello Koalas in Australia.
    I think I’ll buy myself some Caramello Bears for Dirty Skirts; GND don’t even think about asking me for a bite – these aren’t Rolos!

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