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Dancing… not so much

Posted by lanktank on March 15, 2009

We’re at the Dirty Skirts on Sunday – who else went? Anyone?

And it wasn’t your typical Kirstenbosch “chill out on the grass and listen to the band play its tunes” event. Well, it was for the people at the back but not so much for the front as a lot of people in the front got up to dance along to the music.

Opting to remain one of the “sitters” in the front, close to the stage, I wasn’t upset that I couldn’t actually see the band anymore, nor was I a little peeved when someone stood on my wine glass. What actually got me a little preturbed was the dancing itself.

Man, there are a lot of people who point blank cannot dance. I didn’t realise there was so many out there? I’m talking about maybe 94% of the people dancing were horrific. I couldn’t believe it.

And I’m not saying I can dance. I’m probably as awful was the girl who looked like she playing “Simon Says” and this is what is bothering me. Are we all really that bad? Because think about it: Usually when you’re dancing you’re at a club with lights and strobe lights and disco ball lights and did I mention the lights? There is so much going on in a club that you can’t help but look like you’ve got skills. Not to mention you’re usually holding a drink in your hand so at least you look like you have something to do.

But here, out in the open, in broad daylight with no where to hide… it looked like something out of Lord of the Flies. My God. There was one guy, which I’m sorry, no strobe light could even save, who looked like he was half making an aeroplane pose and half jumping up and down like he was stepping on hot coals. At this point I turned to look around: GND was upset, C-Dawg looked perplexed, Kappie thought it was a joke and Dmeister reached for another beer. The whole thing was just uncomfortable, like when two people are sucking face in front of you; you don’t want to watch but it’s happening right in front of you so how can you not?

And now it’s got me worried. If I’m ever at a concert and feel the urge to break out into to dance, all I’ll think about it Hot Coals Aeroplane guy and withhold the urge to get my rock on…probably for the best… but a piece of me is sad nonetheless.


3 Responses to “Dancing… not so much”

  1. Jimbo said

    LT, you and I both know that you cant dance.
    I, however, am a great dancer…….. horizontally!

  2. C-Dawg said

    GND was just upset because I wouldn’t give her more from my fruit salad.

    I made it up to her by pulling her out of the grass – she kept getting stuck because she decided to wear heels to Kirstenbosch.
    I tell her every time: “This isn’t ‘Cappers’…”

  3. Girl Next Door said

    dont judge me! and stop calling it a ‘fruit salad’ it’s weird.

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