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I’d tap that – Aishwarya Rai

Posted by lanktank on March 19, 2009

A Kappie Pick

It’s that time again when yours truly gets to choose the girl I’d tap. This time I thought I’d try a different flavour, but something no less spicy I might add.

This 35 year old is still smoking hot and much to my disappointment I could not find a single picture of her in less clothing. Not even a bikini, or night gown and definitely not her birthday suit. Suppose it leaves more to the imagination.

As an added bonus it was once said she is the most beautiful woman because her face is perfectly symmetrical. Weird but true. Since when did having a pretty face and a set of boobs have to become so scientific?



6 Responses to “I’d tap that – Aishwarya Rai”

  1. craig said

    Symmetrically artificial thanks to a number of surgeries perhaps? That face looks quite odd.

  2. siff

  3. FirstChild said

    Beautiful lady, kapster. great pic.

  4. Skaaptjop said

    Her one eye is whiter than the other.

  5. Jimbo said

    I put a spy cam in the necklace of hers so the pics will be flowing soon.
    I think a qualifying rule for ” I’d tap that” is there should be minimal clothing.

    oh, and…. ek sal.

  6. C-Dawg said

    OK, did you just use the word ‘spicy’ because she comes from India?!

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