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Nothing to write

Posted by lanktank on March 20, 2009

Really, I have nothing to write and nothing to say. I’m so fixated on the weekend that it’s all I can think about; The time of work….ending. Come on 5 ‘0 clock! Come on!!!!!!

I actually only finish at 5h30 but to say 5 ‘o clock sounded cooler and also more rounded off.

I hope all has a splendid naweek….I just want to not be at work, that’s aim number one, then I’ll go from there. I do have a wedding to attend… not my own, let’s not get crazy here.

OK, I truly don’t have anything else I can ramble on about and I’m sure you’ve just grown to become resentful towards me for making you read this but also to yourself for continuing to read this…  hoping it would somehow improve… but alas.


bye bye!


One Response to “Nothing to write”

  1. Skaaptjop said

    I really have nothing to comment.


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