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Chop off its ear

Posted by lanktank on March 23, 2009

So we didn’t get into the finals for the SA Blog Awards (no, I’m not linking to it, you can go find it yourself)… I mean, whatever, it’s not like I care. It’s not like I even wanted to be nominated, let alone win.

It’s such a “hype” you know. Like, “OK, well done you got a SA Blog nomination.” Now what? Exactly.

So thanks to all those who didn’t nominate us because we never wanted it anyway. That’s like soooo commercial and we’re more one of those under appreciated in our time – type of blogs. Like Van Gogh…. that’s exactly how we are. Eventually I’ll just cut off the blog’s ear…. and we can bleed….bleed!!!!! Is that what you want? Blood?

But, ya, it’s not like a care anyway.


One Response to “Chop off its ear”

  1. craig said

    Ye fuck that shit. Nominations are for woesies anyway.

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