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Why so serious?


Posted by Carl Schutte on March 23, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by C-Dawg

So, in between all the excitement of random variables, probability distributions, regression & correlation, I decided to take a much needed study break.

I stumbled upon this and it cheered me up…

I reckon I need a pet; chicks dig guys with pets.. it shows committement or something like that.


6 Responses to “Einstein”

  1. LT said

    This is possibly the lamest thing to go up on The Lank Tank. C-Dawg, it’s a parrot that can speak… isn’t that what parrots are known for?
    Jesus, that’s it, I’m back to proof reading everything again. It’s my fault really, I don’t blame you C-Dawg, I should never have trusted you.
    How did this cheer you up? Why would it make you happy?

    Although Einstein’s penguin noise, was kind of funny, in a sort of lame way.
    Am I being too harsh?
    Although I do like you idea of you getting a pet… I suppose it does show committment but C-Dawg, are you ready for that?

  2. LT said

    No wonder we didn’t get a SA Blog nomination… parrots talking on TV, please!
    I don’t want to play the “blame game” here C-Dawg but I think its all your fault.

  3. C-Dawg said

    OK, I actually just thought that the girl was kinda cute. She looks like the kinda girl you could take to meet your parents.

    Besides, she has a cool parrot! That’d be so awesome, if things got tense at the dinner table, you just get the parrot to lighten the mood.

    Don’t be jealous of my great ideas LT…

    I guess I’ll save the dolphins playing with bubble rings video for some other day..

  4. girl next door said

    that girl reminds me of me!

  5. C-Dawg said

    She does have a certain “girl next door” look about her, but you’re definitely going need some kind of ice-breaker if you want to meet my family…

  6. FirstChild said

    “Einstein”. awesome. No wait, I mean rubbish.

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