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Poll results for March for I’d Tap That

Posted by lanktank on March 25, 2009

So the votes are in! It was all pretty close but it looks like Kate Beckinsale has taken the cake! (Although she probably didn’t eat it, because you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Also with a body like hers, I doubt her personal trainer would allow her to even have a third of the cake).

Congrats to C-Dawg, who picked this beauty… it’s 1-nil to him guys, you other three better up your game. Oh! For all you “numbers and figures” people out there, she won by 40% of the vote.

In the meantime, the “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed” poll for March is up… so go to the Take Your Pick page and get a-votin’ although I think it’s safe to say GND has this one in the bag with Milo from Heroes….that picture was a gem find. Biyatch!

But we don’t decide, you decide…just like in SA Idols… although in that case, can anyone say: “Maybe, possibly, just might be, rigged?”

6 Responses to “Poll results for March for I’d Tap That”

  1. C-Dawg said

    I may have redeemed myself from that terrible talking parrot post.

    I honestly dunno what happened, I was feeling a bit flusish, I’d been studying all day, I wasn’t myself ok… we all have weak moments… does that make me any less human?!

    You ask too much of me!

  2. Luwie said

    Oh, I see story in on street is that that Pattinson bloke don’t shower. That’s just wrong… so much for your Hoottie of the Month.

  3. Luwie said

    Wow, there are a lot of errors in my last post. My bad.

  4. mo said

    vampires probably dont need to shower. How come you are managing to find time to comment on this blog isnt your time all taken up writing articles for the Cape Times

  5. Luwie said

    Huh? Cape Times?

  6. mo said

    an article by you in this mornings Cape Times

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