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Remember the Classics – The Tex Ad

Posted by lanktank on March 26, 2009

I’m not entirely sure why we remember this one but it is a classic in its own right.

The “Tex Man” driving in the desert, in his Jeep looking very rugged and manly. In a way, kind of like the Camel Man…but possibly even more hardcore.

He’s driving in the middle of nowhere, it’s hot and he’s sweaty, when he passes a massive billboard with a picture of the Tex chocolate, with a bite taken into it. He looks at it as he drives past, stops and reverses back so he’s in front of the poster.

Tex Man stands up in his Jeep, whips out a SHOT GUN and shoots a number of bullets into the middle of the Tex chocolate bar.

Because that’s the way the Tex chocolate rolls; holes in the middle of the bar! And that’s the way “Tex People” roll.

He was so cool and that made Tex cool. Have I forgotten any part of the advert? I just remember it was cool.

A good question here of course would be; Why was there a Tex Billboard out in the middle of nowhere? I mean, one pays quite a hefty some of money to advertise on those things and considering the traffic out there in the desert isn’t very high, I just don’t think it was in Tex’s best interests. And, the air bubbles in the chocolate, weren’t in the picture! Talk about being ripped off by your graphic designers and printers! Thank God for the rugged Jeep man who just happened to be carrying a shotgun! Otherwise, your Tex would just look like any other standard chocolate, and that’s just bad advertising.

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