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Loyalty Cards

Posted by Carl Schutte on March 30, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by C-Dawg

Am I the only person who thinks that having a loyalty card for every single place you spend money at, is crazy?!

Maybe it’s a sign that I’m earning too much money, but I honestly can’t be bothered with hanging onto all these loyalty cards – I don’t even take them any more.

I’m trying to think what I currently have in my wallet… OK, I’m going to go fetch my wallet – that’ll be easier. Right, I’m back! Let’s see what we have here…

  • Visa Discovery Card
  • Dis-Chem Benefit Card
  • Partners Hair Design for Men

OK, so I don’t have too much beef with the plastic loyalty cards in my wallet.

The one from Partners is a piece of paper, that got given to me the first time I bought some hair wax. I kind of took it and just threw it into my wallet. It gets stamped every time I buy more hair wax – this happens maybe 4 times a year! So, I’ve been carrying this bloody piece of paper in my wallet, for the last couple of years. Quite frankly, it’s just a damn nuisance. It looks like it was taken into a dark alley and had the crap beaten out of it. Each time they stamp it, I think it’s going to fall apart.

Well then, why do I keep this piece of paper in my wallet? It’s like watching a bad movie, reading a bad book or choosing the wrong till queue – you get to a point where you’ve invested so much time & effort, that you just keep going, telling yourself that it’ll get better & all be worth it in the end.

Another favourite of mine was the Kauai smoothie card. I love this – they give you those tiny little stickers, for your tiny little card. Then after like 20 smoothies, you get a free R15 smoothie. R15 for all that effort – no thank you. I tossed that stupid little card into the bin. Now when I buy a smoothie, I still take that little sticker they give me. Then, I try to stick them on people without getting caught. It’s very entertaining when you’re bored. The easy choices are getting people on their back or shoulders, but if you can make direct contact with some skin, that’s like 10 points. Getting somebody on the forehead is like the ultimate prize, but unless your victim is passed out drunk, this is quite tricky. Hmm, maybe I should take these out with me when I go clubbing.

Anyway, the point is, I’m not interested in your stupid loyalty cards, but I don’t mind your tiny little stickers.

C-Dawg going radio silent….

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One Response to “Loyalty Cards”

  1. Jimbo said

    I hate places like Mr. Video where u have to sign up just to rent a movie.Is there no trust left in this country.
    I must have about 10 video membership cards.
    Strangest place would have to be my Paarl membership card.
    I think i get really smashed one night woke up in Paarl and decided to rent out a movie?
    In my defense it was proberly porn

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