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Anyone else? #5

Posted by lanktank on April 5, 2009

Anyone else checking their email at 16:58 on a Sunday afternoon?

Anyone else like that John Legend song, “Green Light” even though they’re almost positive John Legend is a knob head?

Anyone else listening to that song right now? How about now? And now?

Anyone else really, really want to own an i-phone?

Anyone else have an older brother who owns an -iphone and rubs it in your face at every opportunity he seeks?

Anyone else not understand how a student with no part time job can manage to afford an i-phone?

Anyone else wondering if maybe his parents are wiring him money that their other child doesn’t know about or receiving any of that money herself?

Anyone else smelling a fish?

Speaking of fish, anyone else going to a “Goldfish” party tonight where you have to bring along an actual fish and release it into a pond at the party?

Anyone else’s fish swimming around visciously and may look like it’s going to have a stroke?

Anyone else freaked out by this?


3 Responses to “Anyone else? #5”

  1. mo said

    Anyone else seriously paranoid about their older brother?

  2. First Child said

    You need to improve the mobile functionality of your blog

  3. C-Dawg said

    Disturbing… on many levels.

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