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Coke (“Zero”) Fest update

Posted by DMeister on April 8, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by Dmeister

As most of you have heard two bands have pulled out of the MyCokeFest: Bullet for My Valentine and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Not only do they cancel, but they cancel less than a week before the actual event.
RJA say that they have some “band issues.” Shame, why is that our problem? Just deal with it, you can play the concert and then go home and cry about the other guys in the band not liking you. It’s a job, you don’t have to be friends with each other. I don’t like any of the people I work with.
And Bullet for My Valentine, I’ve been a fan for a while but this is pathetic. They’re writing songs? Did someone come up to them and say “You’ve got one week to write an album or I’ll kill your first born child.”? What could possibly be the reason to cancel at such short notice? Didn’t they know about the album a month ago?

I hope that the organisers sue the shit out of them for breach of contracts.

Now you might call me a conspiracy theorist but I wonder if the organisers knew about the cancellations before they moved venues? Maybe they kept it a secret and released the information closer to the time, to limit the time people had to return their tickets?

Anyway, at the end of the day it’s the general public that pay. First Limp Bizkit cancel twice (although no one cared), then V-Fest gets shelved and now RJA and Bullet, both cancel. I mean this is a festival that Metallica and Muse have played: The METALLICA and MUSE! So if a bands that big can make it why can’t RJA and Bullet?

Let me restate that, who are Bullet for my Valentine and Red jump Siut Apparatus, again. I don’t seem to care to remember.


7 Responses to “Coke (“Zero”) Fest update”

  1. LT said

    I’m sensing you’re upset

  2. Evert said

    WTF is Coke Fest?

    “I don’t like any of the people I work with.”-So they don’t read your blog?

  3. C-Dawg said

    Wouldn’t Coke light be more accurate?

  4. Luwie said

    No, It’s CokeZero. I think there may be more to it than the press release… surely they would not have cancelled due to the reasons given?

    I’m completely guessing but I don’t think the event is selling well what with the economic times and the average line-up. Hence the move in venue to something smaller.

    So I reckon they were asked not to come but we’ll see… unless the bands are sued, I’ll think there’s more to it than what we are told but I am guessing.

    Oh well, I’m just stoked cos now Snow Patrol will play a longer set…

  5. skaaptj0p said

    I wouldn’t mind if they canceled Coke Zero. It tastes like Canderel and Kola Tonic. Not even brandy can save it.

  6. skaaptj0p said

    ‘everyone keeps asking, “Who are they?” And I keep on
    replying, “How do you not know?”’

    You just do that cause you actually really don’t know do you? Go on, you’re amongst friends, you can say it.

  7. mo said

    it was nice to see a comment from Evert i thought he had quit reading the blog as we havnt heard anything for so long.

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