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Slow shopper

Posted by lanktank on April 14, 2009

I’ve come to realise that I’m a slow mover when it comes to the checkout counter in supermarkets.

It’s at the point where you’ve paid your money and the till operator has given you your change and now you have to put the change away, quickly throw your wallet into your handbag, pick up your purchased items and get the hell away from the counter.

I can never do all of this quick enough. Even talking to you about it now, I’ve made it this long winded, drawn out process. But I’m not sure how anyone can do this swiftly. But they do… I’ve seen them. Groceries are grabbed, change is in the wallet, handbag is thrown over shoulder and they’re half way out the door before I’ve even lifted my tin of Milo out of the trolley. How do they do it?

I’m just so awkward about the whole thing no matter what I try. I’ll be in the queue, psyching myself up, purse is out and items are at the tips of my fingers ready to be lifted. However, when I approach the till, it all just goes awry. I’m never quick enough with my items and checkout lady ends up strumming her fingers with impatience. The next screw up is when she hands me the change. At this point, she’s already yelling, “Next customer!” But I’m still there, struggling to put the notes, in the “notes section” and the coins in the “compartment with the zip” of the wallet. And why do they always hand me the slip with the change? I don’t want the slip in my purse, I want it in the packet.

By now the next customer is next to me and half way through his items which are now getting muddled up with my items. This means, I have to sift through the packets making sure I don’t take anything of his as well. I end up leaving the counter roughly the same time as the person next to me and the whole thing is just embarrassing. Not only is checkout lady and random customer irritated with me but it makes me feel inferior. Inferior to the rest of the shopping community, like I don’t belong.

And maybe I don’t… but then how else can I get food and accessories?


2 Responses to “Slow shopper”

  1. FirstChild said

    I have the same problem. maybe it is a family thing. i think the thing to do is to just pocket the change. and then you can have that happy experience of sticking your hand into your jeans one day and having a little R10 surprise. you might also wash R100 notes. so use it, dont use it.

  2. C-Dawg said

    Heck, I only pay with credit card and I too have this problem.

    Although, I don’t really see it as a problem.
    I just don’t like to rush myself – not for anybody!

    It’s a complicated procedure…
    You got packets in both hands, holding your wallet in the one hand, whilst trying to put away your credit card with the other. All of this gets done while you’re looking down at your wallet and trying to walk away. Oh yes, then they throw that receipt in there to spice things up a bit. Also, I have the credit card receipt to contend with.

    It’s truly an emotional experience – sometimes I think of just going without groceries for the week…

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