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I’d tap that – Britney Spears

Posted by lanktank on April 16, 2009

This is a Kappie pick

Okay, so this time I went with someone who has more than likely traded her house in for a trailer but hey, I think she can still make the cut. And not to mention everyone loves a comeback. This is why I have chosen none other than cute school girl, sex symbol, white trashy and up and up Britney Spears.

This may be an outdated photo of her…but damn! Jimbo once told me he ‘speared’ her but I don’t really think he did. We would have seen a video of it by now surely?


Check out the March results for Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed & I’d tap that tomorrow – You still have one more day to vote on the Take Your Pick page!! Who’s pick is gonna win?

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Having your cake…

Posted by lanktank on April 16, 2009

And not eating it too. No thanks, not these ones. We have some strange people in this world… very strange indeed.

It’s 10 Incredibly Bizarre And Awful Cakes

Although cake number 9 reminds me of the Dead Pigeon fiasco a few months back.

Cake number 2 actually made me gag… just a little in my mouth.

After that sell, I’m sure you’re all dying to go have a look… come on, you know you will.

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