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Airport Baggage

Posted by lanktank on April 30, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by Kappie

Over the long weekend I had a friend, Monkey, stay with me from out of town. I thought I’d show him the ropes, but having recently heard the saying, ‘Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself,’ made me forget that.

Anyway, ropes aside, when it came time for him to return home, I drove him to the airport. Upon arriving at the ticket counter a man walked up to us and asked where Monkey was going. We told him and it just so happened that his daughter, not a bad looking girl, was going the same way. The man asked politely if Monkey could say that his daughter’s small blue bag was his and carry it on the plane for them because the daughter was over her weight…and her luggage weight too. We gladly accepted without any thought and checked the bag as Monkey’s.

“Do you know you’ve just committed a security breach?”

Looking up, we see the ticket ‘master’ isn’t looking too happy with us. Time for our game faces.

“Um, what?”

“That bag you just took from that person. It isn’t yours and you don’t know what’s in it.”



And that was pretty much it. He checked it in anyway without further questions.

We had a good 20 minutes to kill before Monkey had to board so we took a seat and started discussing what could be in the bag.

Monkey: “It won’t be drugs, nothing ever happens where I come from.”

Kappie: “Yeah, it’s probably just a whole bunch of panties.”

Monkey: “Probably.”

Kappie: “Bet you gonna sniff em.”

Monkey: “Haha! Maybe if there were Minki’s panties I would.”

Kappie: “Hell yeah. Oh man, the things I’d do to that girl.”

Monkey: “Let’s just say it would be illegal in most countries.”

High five!

Well you get the general idea of how the conversation was going. Midway through this ‘boys-only’ talk, I look up and see the daughter walking in our direction with her mother and straight past us to her father who was sitting directly behind us. We were sharing the back-rest of our chairs and didn’t even notice him. Needless to say he got straight up, put his hand on his daughter and wife and ushered them away.

Kappie: “You think he heard us?”

Monkey: “Yip, how could he not have?”

Kappie: “Okay, well have a safe trip and don’t be afraid to try score with the daughter on the flight.”

Another high five!

2 Responses to “Airport Baggage”

  1. DMeister said

    So did Monkey every find out what was in the bag? Did he ever score the mildly attractive girl? These questions need to be answered!

  2. Jimbo said

    Thats why the best place to vacation is Mexico.
    everything is legal in Mexico!!

    i hope he pulled.

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