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Mother Lover

Posted by Carl Schutte on May 29, 2009

A C-Dawg find

They helped you out for Christmas, now they’re back for Mother’s Day.

From the guys who brought you “Dick In A Box”…

You gotta watch this music video:

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Almost time for May…

Posted by lanktank on May 28, 2009

Voting that is!

Next week the polls will be up and the competition stiffer than ever to see who will win BEST PICK of the hotties.

In light of that, April winners have yet to be announced…… and they are…. (I have inputted dots to create suspense)…………………..

DMeister, again, with 67% of the vote, for his choice of Alessandra Ambrosio!

And Moi, LT, with Chris Cornell….70% baby! See, we all love bad ass rockers.

I swear I’m not rigging this. I must have a gift.

And well done to DMeister…again! I guess he knows what the masses want.

So please, get a votin’ next week, if you have a favourite, you gotta vote for it. Go to the Take Your Pick page and pick  – easy as that!

On a more positive note; my exam is written – I can now go out and get drunk.


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Posted by lanktank on May 27, 2009

A Kappie find

Photo-bombing is one thing, but that’s not really where it’s at to be dubbed an absolute asshole just yet. Here’s how you do it for real-zees AND in public!!!

Trust the Aussies hey! Wait, it’s just given me an idea…

An LT note: It’s kinda long but it does get uber-funny. I just can’t believe the extent he gets away with it… it is quite legendary.

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I’d Tap That – Megan Fox

Posted by Carl Schutte on May 27, 2009

A C-Dawg pick

I’ll never forget the first time I saw her in Two and a Half Men; hottest granddaughter I ever saw!

She also made Transformers unforgettable… Can’t wait until Transformers 2 comes out. I hope there’s more Megan in this one and less Lebuff!

OK, I’ve been a bit selfish – I’ve been trying to keep her all to myself. However, I believe that Megan would prefer it if I wasn’t the insecure & over-protective type.

So, without further ado, I give you Foxy Lady.

Megan Fox celebrity profile

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True that

Posted by lanktank on May 26, 2009

Wanda Sykes is the bomb…

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Table Mountain Thunderstorm

Posted by DMeister on May 25, 2009

A DMeister entry

These photo’s were doing the rounds, so I thought that I’d post what I thought was the best one.

It’s the lightning storm in Cape Town.

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Posted by lanktank on May 25, 2009

Anything to avoid the studying… The things I have “needed” to do have been absurd:

1) During chapter 4 of my textbook I suddenly began to wonder, “where on earth is my Prodigy – Fat of the Land C.D?” Let’s forget the fact that I bought it over 10 years ago and haven’t listened to it in about 7 but this suddenly became priority #1. For the next 3 hours I was in my room on my hands and knees scrummaging through old boxes and back of cupboards to find the sacred Prodigy album! For those interested, I found it and listened to it. It was spectacular.

2) I decided to hang that picture frame above my chest of drawers which I’ve been meaning to do for roughly 7 months now. It came out great except for the relatively massive hole I drilled by accident. But like, you can only see it if you take down the picture… which I have now decided I never, ever will.

3) Checking out the old high school year book. Man, I wonder how some of these people are. What are they doing with their lives now? Probably not still trying to get their degree like me…part time… kill me now.

4) YouTube videos – oh wait a minute, no, not that. Because I’m CAPPED!

5) It’s time I learned how to bake bran muffins. All my friends can do this but me. I’m tired of being the ‘left out of the circle’ baker. Looking through recipe books to find the “perfect ingredients” was so excruciating, I gave up and went back to uploading “Prodigy – Fat of the Land” onto my iPod.

Wish me luck!!

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Capped mofos!

Posted by lanktank on May 22, 2009

I’ve been capped.

Not “Gansta” capped like, “I’ll put a cap in your ass mutha f@cka!”

And not “peak” capped like someone throwing thousands of baseball, trucker and military hats at my head.

But rather, internet capped! For those of you living overseas (i.e. not in South Africa) this term “internet capping” may not be familiar to you. “What does she mean internet capping? Internet is limitless, isn’t it? I literally watch TV shows, movies and download 100’s of albums off the internet every day. Is this not normal?”

Well, it is… EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. But not in the land of S Africa. Not here where we wait 15 minutes just to watch a 2 minute clip on YouTube. Trying to watch Susan Boyle on Britain’s got Talent turned out to be a painful experience rather than a “feel-good” one. It doesn’t really seem worth it, does it?

Anyway, considering it’s only the 21st of May… I have 10 days until my internet is restored…please excuse me if the blog isn’t as up to date as it should be…. apologies. There will still be posts though!

On the bright side, I have learned from this error and in the future, will watch less videos on parrots talking and monkey’s singing… oh wait a minute, that’s not me, that’s C-Dawg….

Later Vaders…..

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And the cast is off…finally

Posted by lanktank on May 21, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by Kappie

Recently the Kapster has been out of action due to a fracture in my right arm. The crew, not being sympathetic, all asked the same two questions: “Did you hurt it by paying ‘special’ attention to yourself?” Or, “How do you pay ‘special’ attention to yourself now with your sore arm?” Except they’re not using the words, “special attention.”

Ridiculous I know. It’s like that’s the only thing on their minds…but it’s not, because the same two questions came up time and time again from other people too. Even people I didn’t even particularly know. The world has gone ‘special attention’ mad I tell you!

If that wasn’t bad enough some people even asked me to clap, high 5 or shake hands. It’s a good thing hearing the same old joke doesn’t get boring…

I did manage to work it to my advantage though to a certain extent. While visiting a bar I’d try to catch the eye of some girls and see if they would come up and ask what happened to my arm. Hooked a couple with these lines, “Well, I had to fight off a man-eating tiger and its two cubs from trying to maul some kids.”,”Hurt it back in Nam.” And my favourite, only to be used on drunk girls, “Aliens abducted me and fitted a new bionic arm to me that has given me special powers of seduction.” Okay, so that last one only worked once…maybe.

Anyway, cast is off and now I’m left with a skinny arm. The comments continue, “Oh, better start paying some ‘special’ attention to yourself to build up that arm again.” “Bet you’re glad now that you can start paying ‘special’ attention to yourself again.” One guy passed me on the street and whispered, “Can I have your old cast?” Mad I tell you! Besides, Jimbo and I have already turned it into a beer funnel. Once you get passed the smell and bits of hair, it’s really not that bad. Maybe don’t tell Jimbo about where I got that new funnel just yet.

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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Patrick Dempsey

Posted by Girl Next Door on May 20, 2009

A GND pick

I’m alive darlings! I know I know, it’s hard to believe that little old me actually made it to London in one piece.
But lets get straight to the highlight: So I’m waiting for this bus and this guy walks up behind me and asks if he
should be catching this particular bus (asking me, of all people, I’m the one walking around with a map book glued
to my hand).

So I’m about to give him the ‘I’m really sorry I don’t know, I just arrived a week ago’ story, I turn
around, and there’s Patrick Dempsey. Ok maybe not the real Patrick Dempsey but sweet baby Jesus it must have been
his super hot younger twin. Of course I swiftly told him that this absolutely was the correct bus to be catching and
why doesn’t he sit with me and I’ll show him where to get off (haha, see what I did there? Bit much?).
Anyway, I haven’t stopped thinking about him, so obviously I’ve downloaded hundreds of photos of him, so here is
one for you special people!

Random fact for the day: He was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 12 and as a result, he is forced to memorize all his
lines in order to perform. I know, right? What a genius!


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