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Why so serious?

Anyone else? #7

Posted by lanktank on May 4, 2009

Anyone else petrified to go back to a 5 day week?

Anyone else’s internet giving them problems?

Anyone else think Telkom should be flushed down a toilet?

Anyone else like my article on Break-Up Cliche’s but is pretending not to?

Anyone else ever tried these little biscuits by Wicket Treats called Vanilla Kisses? It’s like heaven in your mouth I tell you. There’s something about the taste that takes me back to my childhood…I don’t know what it is.

Anyone else ever wonder how a taste of food can make you reminisce on your childhood?

Anyone else reminiscing on their childhood right now? How about now?

Anyone else get hit over the head with a wooden hammer at the infantile age of 6 months by their older brother?

Anyone else ever been 4 years old, minding their own business in the park, when a mole runs out of a hole, bites them on the ankle and runs back down the hole? They’re BLIND, they live UNDERGROUND! How does that happen?

Anyone else think it’s quiet time now…

(not so) Happy Monday people….

One Response to “Anyone else? #7”

  1. FirstChild said

    Are you still going on about the being-hit-on-the-head-with-a-wooden-hammer thing? Let it go already. It doesnt seem to have caused that much damage.


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