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Remember the classics: Fresca

Posted by lanktank on May 4, 2009

Who remembers Larry? I know you do! And who remembers Fresca? You know, the drink?

I liked that cool drink, why did it go off the market? Not enough sales? I really thought it was a popular drink. Speaking of great drinks that went off the market, Superjuice has disappeared which is disappointing and this is an obscure one, but who else remembers Roxy milkshake? That stuff was the BOMB! Why do they cancel these things?

But I digress: Fresca.

All these adverts contained Larry, usually wearing some ridiculous outfit, if I recall a purple suit with funny patterns and a top hat. He would walk up to the camera, knock on it like he was looking through a peephole and say things like “Oi!” and “Ello!” (He was English – that’s what they say).

To be perfectly honest I can’t entirely remember what he would waffle on about but always, always at the end of his ramblings, he would end off by saying, “Nothing? That’s ‘cos nothing tastes like Fresca!!!” At which point, he shove the can of Fresca in front of the camera. Although since he was English, he would pronounce “nothing” as “nuffink” which made it even more memorable.

Whatever happened to Larry? Last I heard he got deported…


One Response to “Remember the classics: Fresca”

  1. Beatnic said

    Larry has moved on to bigger and better things – he played a brief cameo in the Wolverine Origins film as a Nigerian version of the Fresca man…smuggling diamonds of course!

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