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Why so serious?


Posted by Carl Schutte on May 5, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by C-Dawg

So, initially I thought I might write a nice piece on stock market bubbles, since I’ve been researching for the last two weeks for an economics essay.

However, as fascinating as they are, the US recession is already here – it would be a bit like rubbing salt into the wounds…

While I was taking a quick break from my literary masterpiece, I decided to see what’s new on The Superficial.

These pictures & comments really made me laugh:
Lindsay Lohan

“Lindsay Lohan continues her Hawaiian vacation, and after looking at these shots, I’m convinced she’s trying to land the role of Gollum in The Hobbit. Seriously, all that’s missing is her eating a raw fis- Wow, I’m going to stop right there.”

– The Superficial – Lindsay Lohan still wearing a bikini

Lindsay Lohan

“According to this pic, apparently I was way off on Sam and Lindsay’s relationship. Way, way off. Did not see that coming.”

– The Superficial – Lindsay Lohan still wearing a bikini

That mutt’s in for a surprise!

Needless to say, this pseudo-lesbian won’t be making it onto my “I’d Tap That” list any time soon.

OK, I promise when my essay is finished I’ll write some original material; I still need to tell you guys about my biker-bar experience…

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