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The hypothetical: Alba or Cash?

Posted by lanktank on May 6, 2009

Your Choice: Get to make out with Jessica Alba but NO ONE ever finds out about it.
OR: Get R30 000 in cash, for you to do whatever with (but you never get Jessica).

Kappie: Make out with Jessica Alba and NOT get to rub it into everyone’s little fat faces….I don’t think so. 30,000 big ones to throw a party and make-out with some other random girl who I’ll drink to look like Jessica Alba is fine by me. Problem solved.

C-Dawg: Firstly, I’d like to clarify if we’re going to be doing more than just make out – a lot more! Then I would definitely take the Alba.
I don’t need other people to know, I’ll know – that’s all that really matters.
Besides, I’ll make R30,000 next month…

FirstChild: The money. The whole point in making out with her would be the bragging. Ok, maybe not the whole point. Now if it were more than just first base…

Dmeister: I’d take the cash. The only reason I’m hooking up with her is because she’s hot and because she’s famous. If no one were to find out, then what would be the point? I’m not making out with her because she’s a nice person, I don’t know her for shit. I’d rather take the money and spend it on a non-famous, nice, hot girl. (Uh, ya…LT obviously…)

What would you guys do?

One Response to “The hypothetical: Alba or Cash?”

  1. Jimbo said

    i would definately have to rub it in peoples faces!
    so i will take the money.
    buy a mail order bride, probly go halvies with kappie.hopefully this time it a bit of a scare last time when we ordered on .but i think all worked out well. Sherman gets along with everyone.
    then throw a big ass party, leaving R2,000 aside for roofies.
    i will make out with plenty of girls then.

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